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Cross Bike Fit Questionsrockymtn
Nov 8, 2002 4:17 AM
I ride and race mountain bikes and have decided to get a cross bike to do some road/fireroad riding as well as try cross, group road rides and even comuting. My problem is that I am confused about bike fit. My inseam is 33.25 inches. On my mountain bikes, I like my reach(tt + stem) to be about 69cm. Should I get a bike with a tt of 57cm(as long as standover is ok) or is there more to consider? What would you guys suggest?

Bike suggestions would also be greatly appreciated. I have checked out the Surly, Trek, and Lemond cross bikes. I might also by something used if I find a deal on something nicer.
re: Cross Bike Fit Questionsclimbo
Nov 8, 2002 12:48 PM
rockymtn - that is the "million dollar question". Bike geometry and riding style/preference varies a lot also so here's a couple of thoughts.

If your SO is OK, then yes, a TT of 57 would be fine, but remember, unlike a MTB you get in the drops quite a bit so your effective "reach" is extended there. For this reason I think you'll find that most people run a slightly shorter cockpit that their MTN bike. Not exactly sure but my CX bike is about 2cm shorter than my road bike which is about 2 cm shorter than my MTB, all in cockpit length.
re: Cross Bike Fit Questionswith your reach and inseam I'd lookatpjunkie
Nov 11, 2002 7:18 PM
with your reach and inseam I'd look for a 56-57 cx bike. Most should have about a 57-59 c TT (My 57 Ridley has a 59 TT) and I have a 34-35 inch inseam. Look for an 2000-2001 Specialized in a 56. They run big and high so it should be a good fit. You can find deals on ebay or in the classifieds.