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Helmet rescue...(3 posts)

Helmet rescue...Farmpunker
Nov 5, 2002 9:53 AM
This is going out to Mrs Morati: thanks. She saved me from a rather embarassing and potentially expensive accident with my perfect fitting Bell XRay lid. I was gassed after Saturday's race and did my normal stumble to my truck, tossing gear off this way and that as I hurried to get out of the cold and into my Pop Tarts. Inside the truck, had my friend driving, we were leaving the parking lot. Someone was yelling outside. At me? Yes. We stop the truck and its Mrs Morati. She reaches up and hands me my helmet, which I'd left on the roof of my truck. "Your helmet."
So, thanks. Again.
My results are consistent if nothing else. Second to last on the day. Man, did I ever feel slow. I had a crappy week of training. No juice in my legs at all. The lethargic training carried over to the race. Didn't get much of a warmup due to traffic and direction miscues. Ten minutes of soft pedalling and then the never welcome warmup while racing. Zonked and pissed off that I couldn't get moving at a respectable speed, I did almost everything wrong, from dis\remounts, to carries, to handling miscues, to blowing my nose at the wrong time and having the snot shoot back onto my glasses. Nice. It was a great course, and I wish I'd felt better.
Apparently, Morati felt considerably better than I. He posted a third overall and a first in his class. Good job, dude. How did Centennial go?
One more race in my first year of cross. November 17th. I will unload that day.
Cyclists are the best peoplemorati
Nov 5, 2002 4:23 PM
Sorry to hear that your race didn't go as well as you would have liked Nathan. Let yourself recover FULLY before you get into the training again.
Centennial is a small ski hill located about a half hours drive from Toronto. They made us ride up the side of it twice per lap. My race was going well until lap six of eight when my front tire flatted at the furthest point away from the pit area. Since its a tubular I was able to keep riding it until I rode into the pits where I figured someone might be able to loan me a wheel. I dropped out of my big ring to do this and was losing ground with each pedal stroke. When I got there no one was home so I rode up the side of the hill and managed to lap one of the guys I met this year while racing 'cross. He sees my situation and promptly jumps off his bike and gives me his wheel while his friend who is recovering from a groin operation runs down the hill to get a spare for me. I won my class cause of these guys. UNBELIEVABLE. How many sports do you know where your competitor sacrifices his own performance so a person whom he hardly knows will reap the rewards. Hope I can someday repay their kindness. John K.
re: Helmet rescue...Mrs Morati
Nov 7, 2002 7:51 AM
Not a problem Farmpunker. Didn't realize it was you until I handed the helmet through the window. It's good that your friend stopped the truck in time. I can't imagine what your expensive helmet would look like after being run over by a few cars. Ouch!
Props go out to Neil & Kurt for all their generosity on helping Morati win his race. Great friends & 1000 thank yous.

See you at the next race!
Mrs. Morati