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Need Wheels? - An Unsolicited Endorsement (long)(1 post)

Need Wheels? - An Unsolicited Endorsement (long)UTE
Nov 5, 2002 4:15 AM
Am putting the finishing touches on my spiffy new Rick Hunter Cross rig. Only thing left is the wheel set. Then disaster, my wheel fund gets decimated when the fence in front of the house gets wasted. Oh well, still have enough left for a front wheel. Did a fair amount of research and had settled on two builders. Actually posted on this board looking for someone to break the tie. I ended up with a response from Paul aka Paul tells me I can;t go wrong with either of the two as they are 'masters' of the art. Intrigued by the fact that he had not thrown his own hat into the ring for consideration, I called him. Spoke to Paul for about 15 minutes and decided this is a really cool, laid back guy who obviously grooves on riding his bike and building wheels. Now, I am a huge fan of customer service and doing business with 'the little guy' (sorry Paul). To make a too long story short, my front wheel arrived yesterday (King/CXP-33/DT Rev's) and it is a 'ting o' beauty!!' All in all, I have found myself a wheel builder. The rear wheel will be ordered as soon as the holidays are past. By the by, I'm going to tear down my MTB wheel set as soon as the cross rig is done and send the King hubs to Paul for a rebuild. Thanx for listening, I'm just a solid believer in real customer service and think the word should be spread.