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Cyclocross Rims Open Pro, CXP33, Others?? One More Try.(1 post)

Cyclocross Rims Open Pro, CXP33, Others?? One More Try.Hop Sing
Oct 28, 2002 3:43 PM
Howdy 'crossers,

I have a brand new set of Ultegra 32 hole 9 speed hubs waiting to be built into a pair of dual-purpose cyclocross/winter road training wheels. I weigh 180-185 lbs. depending on pizza and microbrew consumption. I'm new to the whole cyclocross thing and I'd like opinions about the best rims for my needs.

I've been happy with the Mavic products I've used, but would consider other rims in the same weight & price range. I know the Open Pro's are lighter, but would they hold up to the punishment of 'cross under my weight? Do they shed mud well? The CXP33's would build stronger wheels and probably shed mud a little better, but they're heavier. Poor acceleration?

Any advice on proper spoke gauge, straight or butted, and crossing patterns would be greatly appreciated too!

Thanks for the help. It's great to find an online discussion devoted to cyclocross!