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Salsa Bell Lap Question(4 posts)

Salsa Bell Lap QuestionMitch2
Oct 28, 2002 6:21 AM
I am currently in the market for a new bar. I am looking at the Bell Lap and would like to know if the flare from the drops would angle out my levers.(currently running RSX STI) If so would the angle be a problem if I ride or climb using the hoods?

Venice, Ca
re: Salsa Bell Lap QuestionSteve_O
Oct 28, 2002 6:49 AM
I've been running Bell Laps for almost a year and I am pretty happy with them. They do tend to angle out your levers but it's not very noticible (maybe a few degrees?). For example, I did a century ride on mine and didn't notice any abnormal hand discomfort from riding on the hoods.

One final note is that they tend to run a little small compared to other bars I've used. They feel a little narrower when on the hoods vs. other bars I've had of the same size. Thus check the dimensions....
Thanks for the info, Steve..Mitch2
Oct 28, 2002 7:04 AM
I will do a little more research and see...Thanks
Oct 28, 2002 4:20 PM
I have a pair and run STI levers, yes the angle is visible but no you wont notice it in terms of of lack of comfort. In fact I can categorically say these are the most comfortable bars I've owned, but hey it's a personal thing. I run the widest ones (46cm I think) and they don't feel extrememly wide.