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Red Rocks #1 Results(8 posts)

Red Rocks #1 ResultsBipedZed
Oct 24, 2002 6:26 AM
Top 20 results posted at CyclingNews.

Nice technical course although I would have preferred some more speed barriers and more power sections rather than sand. The ACA official was on Keith to increase the lap times to over 6 minutes.

See you all this weekend in Boulder. We could actually have some cross weather this time around...
Colo Cat. 3 'Cross Rankingswahleyed
Oct 24, 2002 6:49 AM
Continuing your climb Biped...

These are through the Red Rocks Velo #1 race. (The Schwab Cycles #1 race can be found on the ACA webpage with a little address manipulation).

Russell Harding is showing some dominance here and can probably find help filling out his upgrade paperwork if he'd just ask! ;) Not that its currently worrying me any...

* All points and ranking subject to the whims of the members of GMSV

Name Sponsor
1 Russell Harding CU Cycling 81
2 JJ Clark 73
3 Glen Light Red Rocks Velo 55
4 Paul Jamison Cody Racing 46
5 Kurt Sorenson Cody Racing 44
6 Grant Berry Ionic 42
7 Peter Lopez Green Mtn Sports 39
8 Craig Wu Vitamin Cottage 34
9 Nick Payne 26
10 Joe Sullivan Vitamin Cottage 26
11 Kris Arnott Pikes Peak Velo 25
12 Clay Harris Red Rocks Velo 24
13 Len Zanni 23
14 Miguel Arias CU Cycling 23
15 Rob Zillioux Canyon 21
16 John Wahl Green Mtn Sports 19
17 Eric Kuo Boulder Denver Couriers 18
18 Dean Dealy KHS 17
19 Robert Karman Excel Sports 17
20 Stephen Iles Phatzodie 15
21 Joe Wheadon 15
22 Daniel Barry Vitamin Cottage 15
23 Ken Bloomer 14
24 John Judge 14
25 Brett Batchelder Red Rocks Velo 13
26 Christopher Lattimar 12
27 Heath Garvey Volksvelo 12
28 Chris LeGault 11
29 John Henry 10
30 Brian Barrett 10
31 Ed Oliver Cody Racing 10
32 Aaron Gallardo WCR / Specialized 8
33 Mathew Glick Bike Source 8
34 Matthew Opperman 8
35 Tim Assor Bike Source 7
36 Melissa Thomas Rocky Mounts 5
37 Bill DePaemelaere 5
38 Patrick Walker GS Caio 4
39 Tom Turk Front Rangers 4
40 Scott Bourque Red Rocks Velo 3
41 Brian Williams Denver / Boulder Couriers 2
42 Brian Bergman 1
Sweet rankingsBipedZed
Oct 24, 2002 7:17 AM
Nice job on the weekly rankings. I held off Russell at the Schwab race but he was so strong at the Red Rocks race, although I think JJ Clark would have beaten him if Clark hadn't flatted twice. I think both those guys should be eyeing the Open field.
Sweet rankingswahleyed
Oct 24, 2002 7:21 AM
Thanks. Its so easy to do I couldn't resist.

We're trying to figure out a good method for team rankings as well. I think that might be interesting? and close? there seem to be a number of teams at it this year.

Any suggestions?
Oct 24, 2002 7:35 AM
You could score it just like BAT. Top 3 riders from a team in the top 20 with the same point scoring system (26pts on down). Skip the unattached riders obviously.
BATp lo
Oct 24, 2002 9:05 AM
i agree the course was fun, it really seemed hard to keep your rhythm and flow through it. But i really felt pretty bad during the race and i think the course allowed me to get a good start and just slowly drift back into the pack as the race went on.......

i never felt like i was pushing hard or going fast?
Colo Cat. 3 'Cross Rankingscxfan
Oct 24, 2002 8:36 AM
could you please "manipulate" the link from the ACA site to here so we can see it please

ACA October ResultsBipedZed
Oct 24, 2002 10:45 AM