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Now: the repairs...(10 posts)

Now: the repairs...Farmpunker
Oct 21, 2002 4:30 PM
Forum, need gear help. My right hand shifter isn't working properly and I think it may be f*cked. Shimano 105, don't know the exact version. I can shift up on the rear cluster, you know, from little cog to big, but when I go to hit the inside shift lever to go back down the casette, the main lever moves with the little lever, unless I keep it pulled back in place. I'm assuming there is some kind of return spring broken, a retention spring, that holds the front lever back while the little lever is being activated. And, again, unless someone knows of a fix, I assume the Shimano answer to this question is a whole new shifter unit, or an entire assembly that costs the same as a brand new shifter.
Did I hear someone say something about STIs and cross not being compatible? And, yes, thank you, barcon-ians and Campy-ites, I know the merits of your gear.
Anyhow, unless someone has a fix for me, I'll ride out the remainder of my season with the shifter as is. All it takes is a little manual dexterity. Fingers hold lever back, thumb hits little lever. Bike shifts. Damn annoying.
Campy crowd here I come.
re: Now: the repairs...Gravity Well
Oct 21, 2002 5:02 PM
If you have a good relationship with your LBS, and the cosmetic damage is not bad, you can warranty the shifter to Shimano. I had the same problem last year, but I did not put my replacement shfter back on my cross bike. I switched to the Kelly Take-Offs. They work awesome, they are a cheap alternative to STI and they are bullet proof in crashes. Take a look at Kelly's website, for info on price and mounting.

re: Now: the repairs...atpjunkie
Oct 21, 2002 5:23 PM
first check the shifter. behind the brake lever there is (or should be) a small screw that goes through the inner lever at it's top toward the brake lever. This is the screw that holds the other lever still while you shift. many times these just come loose or fall out and all you need to do is replace or tighten it and you should be back to normal. This is option one. If the screw is still there and tight then it is probably the return spring. If the shifter is new and you didn't slam that hard my guess is the screw. If the shifter is old and/or you crashed hard or in a bunch of gunk you may have messed the mechanism up. First dry it, dry to use an airhose to blow any remaining gunk out (not too much air pressure) then spray liberal amounts of WD40 and it may fix the problem.
So if neither of these solutions works your shifter is dying and yes it will be necessarry to replace. Take Gravity Wells "Take Offs" or my Bar Cons suggestion. Dura Ace BarCons can be had for less than 105 STI's and buy some D/A or Ultegra Aero levers on ebay (will run ya about 20-40 bucks) or go to your LBS, many have sets laying around they will give you. I'm not trying to say I told ya so, but this is what experience has taught me and I live in a relatively gunk free SoCal. You can get swank D/A tube levers w/ take offs for about the same. Both will be cheaper and less of a hassle than the STI's
re: Now: the repairs...TWD
Oct 21, 2002 10:36 PM
You can also warranty directly through shimano. The contact info is on their website. I had the exact same problem with my Ultegra lever. Sent it in, and they sent a brand new replacement second day air. Whole process took about a week. Far better service than I ever expected from the Big S.

This of course assumes that the shifter looks to be in good shape and you have some proof of purchase.

Too bad the shifter they sent me didn't work right either. Have to send that one back now that the roadie is shelved for the winter.
Now: the repairs...hamfist 101wahleyed
Oct 22, 2002 5:35 AM
I've had something similar with my ultegra shifters after a crash a couple years ago. Somehow the crash simply put the inside lever too deep into the recess of the main lever. One of them got a little bent or knocked out.

So, being the king of hamfisted repairs, i simply pulled in the inner lever a little to bend it (a tiny bit!) towards the handlebar. It gave me the clearance it needed and has worked great for the 2 years after.

Start with the simple answers first -- take your screwdriver to shifting levers (campy or shimano) as a last resort.

Don't get so desperate as to turn to campy... ;)
Oct 22, 2002 8:09 AM
since crashing is a part of 'cross, make sure that your levers aren't too tight on your handlebars. better to get a little spin out of your shifters in case of a crash than a broken shifter -- regardless of manufacturer.
re: Now: the repairs...Farmpunker
Oct 22, 2002 10:34 AM
Thanks, people. I've lubed, and messed around, pushed and pulled. The shifter ain't working like it should. Since I bought the bike used, warranty isn't an option. I only have three races left in my season, so I'm going to run as is. I've been practicing, and it isn't such a pain to keep the outside lever in place while my other fingers do the shifting. The plan is to shift as little as possible, relying instead on chainring shifts.
I'd replace with a new shifter, or a Kelly setup, or Campy, but this is my first cross bike, intended more to get me into the sport and onto the road than it was to be a lifer. I'm saving up money and thinking for next year.
re: Now: the repairs...wahleyed
Oct 22, 2002 12:30 PM
That's gonna drive you nuts in a race -- if not nuts, then be so distracting it'll hurt your riding.

I think its worth a quick trip to your favorite shop to have someone take a look. You'll probably get a good idea of what your up against very quickly.

Just my other 2 cents.
re: Now: the repairs...p lo
Oct 22, 2002 1:22 PM

in my experience.... shimano will warrenty just about anything, the key is having a good enough relationship with your LBS to get this taken care of.
re: Now: the repairs...atpjunkie
Oct 22, 2002 6:54 PM
also look into ebay for a cheap relacement