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Grrr! I hate DNF'ing (pics)....(22 posts)

Grrr! I hate DNF'ing (pics)....SS_MB-7
Oct 21, 2002 4:45 AM
Grrr! I hate DNF'ing! But, this Sunday, I had no choice.

I was dying after ~30 minutes and went out way too hard off the start....but what choice do you have in 'cross?

Unfortunately, I've been sick-as-a-dog for nearly 1 week and haven't done enough riding in that time. But, I felt reasonably good yesterday morning so off I went to the 4th cross race of the season.

The conditions were cold (4C, 39F), wet and windy...conditions I should not have been in considering my condition. I should have been in bed, but I wasn't. The fact that the course was 95% grass didn't help much either. Also, to compound matters, much of the grass was fully saturated with 3-days worth of rain and you could quickly feel you energy being sapped as you rode through the sloshy-grass.

My last comments to my buddy before the start was: "I hope I don't die out there!"....well, I did! After the race, I coughed for nearly 1 hour was terrible!

Unfortunately, I was doing pretty well and was in the top-10 after 30 minutes. But, I had nothing left and had to ungracefully DNF'd from the race. Grrr! I hate DNF'ing.

At any rate, here are some pics from the race.

(1) And, they are off!

(2) Short legs don't help much with 16" barracades ;):

(3) Running is not my thing:

(4) finally, at the top of the hill for the 3rd and last time per lap:

(5) Ah, a quick downhill....time to recover:

(6) through the start/finish line:

(7) and, here's the results from my Polar S-710 HRM:

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
dude, is that a singlespeed seven 'cross rig?(nm)merckx56
Oct 21, 2002 7:04 AM
Yes (nm)SS_MB-7
Oct 21, 2002 8:30 AM
you may have had a dnf, but...merckx56
Oct 21, 2002 10:53 AM
you definitely had the coolest bike there! You, Sir, are my new hero!
Thanks! I still sucked though having to DNF (nm)SS_MB-7
Oct 21, 2002 11:03 AM
no wonder why it was tough for youEric Marshall
Oct 21, 2002 9:16 AM
You forgot half of your pants and almost all of your gears :-)

What's up with the race numbers on the legs? I can't say I've seen that before.
after all these years of biking experience....K-Man
Oct 21, 2002 11:47 AM
you should know better than to race sick! Competitive minds do not allow for poor finishes even if the body is not functioning 100%. The mind always says you should have done much better, even though you body didn't have the ability.

re: Grrr! I hate DNF'ing (pics)....TWD
Oct 21, 2002 12:58 PM
Yeah, DNF-ing sucks,

But at least you had the sense to pull out instead of hurting yourself more than you did.

It took me way too long to learn that lesson in my younger days. I remember one time when I got so dehydrated in a MTB race that I refused to DNF, I ended up laying face down in the ditch next to my car for 3 hours after the race becuase I didn't have the strength to get up and drive home.

Rest up, get well, and give 'em heck next week!!!
re: Grrr! I hate DNF'ing (pics)....morati
Oct 21, 2002 6:10 PM
Hey Mike. Too bad about your race. You'll do better next time though. Are you going to come down to Brampton for the 'Cross Provincials? Been trying to convince our friend MK to come out for one of these things as well. How many of those SS Sevens do you own anyway? Morati (aka John K.)
Hey, are you , did you...Farmpunker
Oct 22, 2002 2:19 AM
Morati, are you racing the Southern Ontario Cross Series? Are you, obvious question, the guy on the Morati at Hilton Falls and Ziggy's?
Hey, are you , did you...morati
Oct 22, 2002 10:41 AM
Yes. Who are you?
Hey, are you , did you...Farmpunker
Oct 22, 2002 12:02 PM
I'm the guy on the blue Surly. You've passed me on a number of occasions, a couple of times in a single race (both?), I think. How did you like Hilton Falls and Ziggy's? How did you do?
Hey, are you , did you...morati
Oct 22, 2002 12:58 PM
Oh yeah, I've seen you out there. Cool bike. I was looking at a Surly before I bought the Morati.
The Hilton Falls race was scary. Finished second Master A, but wasn't crazy about all the high speed dismounts on pea gravel. The Ziggy's course wasn't as bad as I remembered it from last year (I guess the snow, rain and 2 degree temperatures had something to do with that). Finished second there too. How about yourself. Morati
PS. Sorry Mike I know this is your thread.
Kalinowski, is that you?SS_MB-7
Oct 23, 2002 3:39 AM
I'm assuming by "John K", you are John Kalinowski, right? If so, how have you been?

Glad to see you racing 'cross this fall. Have you raced 'cross before? This is my first season.....I like it! It's definitely different than MTB racing.

So, what's with the Morati? Do you have a Morati fork too?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
Kalinowski, is that you?morati
Oct 23, 2002 10:53 AM
Yes Mike, its John. This will be my second season at 'cross. Like it more than MTBing. More laid back atmosphere, no pre-riding, cheaper races and better prizes. Got the Morati halfway through the season last year. Love it. Using a custom made IF steel fork for now. Might switch to an Alpha Q fork for next year. I understand MK has convinced you to do the 24hr. race solo next year. Is this true? You're not going to do it on your SS are you?
Me too...SS_MB-7
Oct 23, 2002 11:08 AM
Ya, I much prefer the 'cross atmosphere to that of MTB or road racing. Credit the OCA for spoiling MTB and road racing. Many of my buddies have since quite racing at the Cup races because of the OCA.

Did you buy the Morati direct? I figured you would have gone for another Ti Seven to match your Sola MTB. I have a disc-only Ti Morati fork on my MTB and absolutely love it! I actually snapped my Ti Morati crank last winter, but they warrantied it no questions asked with a full cash refund. Interestingly enough, they no longer make cranks anymore. Too bad, it was damn light!

I have an Alpha Q on my bike now.....very nice and light! Contact Kevin @ if you are looking for one. He gave me the best price on the net.

Yep, MK has convinced me to go solo for the 24 Hrs of Summer Solstice next summer. Are you going to be racing too?

SS? Hell ya! SS is all I ride!

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
Me too...morati
Oct 23, 2002 12:56 PM
Mike, I got the Morati from my shop that I ride for (Chain Reaction) as they are a dealer for Morati (which distributes Tufo tires out of B.C.). Would have loved to grab another Seven but just couldn't swing it at the time. Considering an Axiom to replace my Trek 5500 for next season. Mike Clarkson also snapped his Morati crank last season and is currently running a Raceface crank. Any issues so far with the Alpha fork as far as durability is concerned? Thanks for the tip on the fork BTW. I knew you were brave to ride a SS at Horseshoe this year but doing a 24hr. event on it is unbelieveable. I might do the race on one of my sponsors teams. Later.
man you must have knees of steelatpjunkie
Oct 23, 2002 6:00 PM
good luck on that 24 hr SS adventure
Actually, in the 2+ years I've been 100% SS....SS_MB-7
Oct 24, 2002 4:18 AM
Actually, in the 2+ years I've been 100% SS (MTB racing, road and now 'cross), my knees haven't screamed once (knock on wood). Also, my back has loosened-up, whereas before with my geared bikes, my bike would become stiff on long rides. Riding a SS forces you out of the saddle to use body-english instead of remaining seated and shifting, which helps to loosen stiff back muscles.

Thanks for the good luck wishes on the 24 Hrs of SS solo.....I'll need it!

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
Get an Axiom!...SS_MB-7
Oct 24, 2002 4:14 AM
Get an Axiom! I've been riding one for nearly 4 years now and it is incredible! So smooth!

I seem to recall someone else snapping a pair of Moratis, but I couldn't remember who it was. I'm only 135lbs and Mike's a pretty agressive rider (but still small), but cranks should not be snapping. Here's a couple pics of my snapped crank. I'm just glad that Morati warrantied it without any issues at all -- full cash refund...nice!

Nope, I've had zero issues with the True Temper/AME Alpha Q fork....granted, I've only been using it for a couple months.

Yes, Horseshoe was pretty tough due to the climbing, but Kelso was tough too just because it had to many flat sections along the top of the hill where I quickly spun-out. Not to mention, the heat!

I've been thinking about going solo for a couple years...MK just pushed me over the line of reason. ;)

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
Get an Axiom!...atpjunkie
Oct 24, 2002 5:18 PM
I snapped a Syncros Hardcore Cro Mo on a MTB in the same place roughly. See I snap steel like you flyweights snap Ti. I wasn't so lucky as you can see.
Oct 22, 2002 4:15 AM

To be honest, I never gave the provincials much thought. It's a possibility though.

Ya, get MK out!

As for SS Sevens, I have two:
(1) SS MTB; and
(2) SS cross/fixed-gear road

Each has an eccentric BB and vertical dropouts.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.