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Totally bummed out(9 posts)

Totally bummed outVelocipedio
Oct 19, 2002 7:08 AM
I was really looking forward to the Quebec Cup race in Bromont today. For one thing, I've heard that it's a great course -- and one that might suit me -- and for another, we're having classic cyclo-cross weather today. It's around 10C and raining, about 30 minutes before the start of my category.

I had planned to get down with a friend of mine who's on the injured list and another guy who's been doing quite well in the series. They were going to pick me up this morning at 8:30.

Unfortunately, events got in the way. I was out for a spin with my GF on our road bikes yesterday afternoon. As we passed through a busy intersection -- after having stopped at the flashing red and signalled our intentions to roll through -- One guy in a green pickup, just rolls forward and knocks my GF off her bike.

Just so everyone knows, she's okay. She broke her hand, and her rear wheel was knocked out of true, but aside from a couple of bruises and a really bad scare, she and bike are fine.

I signalled the guy to pull over as I ran to see that my GF was okay, and, having seen to that I turned to talk to the driver, and he was gone. I called a buddy who came to pick us up and we dropped off the bikes and headed to the hospital.

That was at 5:30 pm. We got out of there after 2:30 am. In those nine hours, my GF spent about ten minutes with a doctor, ten minutes with an X-Ray technician and ten minutes with an emergency nurse getting splinted. In that time, only one emergent case came in by ambulance. An injured bike messenger with a 6" gash in his leg was only seen after five hours when the field-bandaged wound started gushing again.

I'm not going to turn this into a ranrt about poorly managed medical resources. I stayed with my GF for almost the whole time because, hey, she was hurt and in the hospital and I couldn't imagine leaving her there alone. She kept insisting that I go home and sleep so I could make the race, but she knows that I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyway until she got home. The idea of leaving her there for nine hours alone would never have occurred to me. [In fairness, I did pop home for about 45 minutes when her sister came by, so I could get her glasses and contact lens solution, and try to get my kit bag ready for the race.]

I guess I'm writing this just because I'm really disappointed that one inattentive driver [he had to have seen her -- she was less than half a bike length behind me, and I was signalling that she was there] screwed this up for me... And this is the last regular season race. The next is provincials and the one after that is nationals... I was planning to see how I did this week before I decided whether I'd do provincials.

I'm really bummed.
Never fails...Farmpunker
Oct 19, 2002 7:50 AM
Sorry to hear about the trouble. Why do problems always pile up?
(In a totally off-cross Canadian tangent, the Romanow report comes out soon. I think we were treated to a preview of his 50million$ oddessy into our health care system when he gave a speech in Boston last week. Health care is fine under governmental control, apparently. Just needs more money. Prepare for a GST tax hike come spring, or a federally imposed health care tax.)
Anyhow, I think you should hammer out your frustrations in the provincials. Nothing like an hour of burning pain to clear the pipes.
yeah, but...merckx56
Oct 20, 2002 10:07 AM
you earned BIGtime points with the GF for staying at the hospital and deciding to forego the race! remember this time, because you may need to use it in the future when you want to do something that she doesn't necessarily agree with! glad she's okay.
if you ride that loop a lot, you'll probably see the a-hole who hit her again! keep your eyes open for the truck.
glad she's OK, almost the same hereclimbo
Oct 21, 2002 7:50 AM
Thursday night I had to make a miraculous swerve to miss a car that pulled out from a T intersection right at me. I missed the car but rode straight over a curb and sidewalk into a small brick retaining wall and landed over the bars on someone's front yard. I was bruised and battered and a litle stiff Friday. My front fork was completely bent and my wheel was a little wobbly too (this was my commuter bike). I managed to race both days this weekend at the Delaware Double and had the best 2 races of my year so far. I'm just glad I didn't break bones or worse.

When it comes down to it, driver's suck, and your GF is more important than any race. Get at them this weekend ! Good luck !!
glad she's OK, almost the same hereatpjunkie
Oct 21, 2002 1:14 PM
glad she's okay. good call on the stay. In the big picture it's only a bike race. Give Them Hell. Sorry about the health Care woes. We suffer the same here in the states with HMO 'managed" care (oxymoronic) I've sat for hours in ER's waiting to get patched up
How'd you do?triangleforge
Oct 21, 2002 1:27 PM
I'd like to second all the good wishes above -- I'm glad your girlfriend's OK.

Climbo --

Glad to hear you did well this weekend -- I had a whole lot of fun in the two B races, but not much else to show for it, at least for the racing side of things. At Granogue, I got to the start line late & at the back, had trouble clipping in, and hit the first turn pretty much DFL -- my buddy told me there were two riders behind me, but I'm not sure I believe him. Opportunities to pass on that course were frustratingly hard to come by, but I tried to use all of them. Don't know my final placing, but I'd be (pleasantly) surprised to have worked my way up into the top half.

On Sunday at Monkey Hill, I got a much better start, and probably made it into the top 20-25 of an 80 rider field by the left turn off Monkey Hill, and gained probably 5-7 places over the first two laps. My Waterloo was that big, fast right-hand 180 just before you doubled back onto a short pavement section before the barriers & pits. On lap one, I went through it fast and passed one rider. Lap two, I railed it and got two guys. Lap three, brimming with confidence, I tried the same stunt and landed hard -- hard enough that my derailleur was bent into the spokes & an angry little knot started raising on my knee. I disentangled it and limped into the pits as fast as I could in the vain hope that I might be able to do something to get back in the race. Lots of yanking on the derailleur didn't accomplish much, until a teammate of mine gave it a mighty heave and got it sort of back in line. I got back on course, though I'd lost at least four minutes. I rode moderatly well from there on out, though my bike didn't want to stay in any of the gears I chose. I passed the back markers, but never really made up any time and got pulled on the bell lap.

Just as much fun was getting to work the pits at both races for my buddy Sean Groom (who finished 10th & 12th in the Men's Elite races on the weekend), chatting with Richard Sachs (whom I've corresponded with on a number of occasions and remembered the "triangleforge" handle -- my first really nice bike was a 1977 RS I bought used and still ride). It was a reall kick watching the pros do it, listening in on the chatter as the races developed, and helping out some of the other mechanics with bike catching, etc.

How'd you do?climbo
Oct 22, 2002 4:48 AM
Who do you ride for? I can't place the handle to a name. Are you doing Lancaster or Highland Park? HP is my next race. It's a fun, fast course, no real on the bike climbing which is not good for me. Unless they change the course.
I'm Squadra Coppitriangleforge
Oct 22, 2002 5:34 AM
I ride for Squadra Coppi, a Washington DC/Northern Virginia area team. Our kit is kind of a sky blue with a wide white panel across the chest, patterned on the old Bianchi jerseys that Fausto Coppi wore way back when. I was the only one in the B race on Saturday (and given my awful start, you better hope you never saw me!), while there were three Coppis in the Bs at Monkey Hill. Me (Brad DeVries, on an orange VooDoo Wazoo), Brian Butts (a strongman who placed in the top 15, I think, on a silver Jake), and Andrew Curry (6' 4" or taller and rail-thin, on a blue Hot Tubes).

Next weekend, I'm going to miss my favorite race from last year -- All Hallows Cross in Reston, VA, which is about 20 minutes from my house, as I'll be out in California for a wedding. Sans bike, alas. The following weekend, I hope to get up to Lancaster or Highland Park, but may head south instead on Sunday to the Chimborazo race in Richmond.

I'm Squadra Coppiclimbo
Oct 22, 2002 7:28 AM
ok, cool, I've seen a few of you guys around. Hope to see you at the next one. I (Brendan) ride for Beacon, can't miss our lovely orange and white. I started to do A's this year but don't have a UCI licence so had to go back to B's for last weekend. I'll be missing Reston also, too far to go for me in NJ.