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anyone tried the magura canties?(7 posts)

anyone tried the magura canties?mtb mike
Oct 15, 2002 9:08 PM
the ones for drop bars, i ride a single speed cross bike and i'm considering going for hydrolic canties, has anybody had any experiences with them? good or bad?
Not the drop-bar model, but I used Maggies for 3yrs...SS_MB-7
Oct 16, 2002 3:58 AM
I haven't tried the drop-bar model, but I did use Maggies (HS-33s) for 3 years on my MTB before going to discs. They are a great brake. Very powerful and well modulated. Installation can be a bit tempermental though. But, once installed, you never need to touch them. A fully sealed system (like the Maggies) would offer some advantages over cable-actuated systems when things get cold and muddy. I never had a problem with braking under adverse conditions.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
re: anyone tried the magura canties?TWD
Oct 16, 2002 8:12 AM

I have a set of the HS-66s on my road tandem. They work great. As the other poster said, lots of power, good modulation, take a while to set up properly, but are pretty much hassle free once you have them setup.

I haven't used them for cross, but they stop my tandem way better than any rim brake that I've tried. I've heard that Magura's red pad compound is a very good investment if your going to be using them in wet conditions.

If you go that route, I'd suggest getting the Magura brake boosters as well, since they have enough power to flex the seatstays and fork quite a bit. They help braknig performance quite a bit.
re: anyone tried the magura canties?mtb mike
Oct 16, 2002 8:30 PM
thanks, i'll look into them.
re: anyone tried the magura canties?atpjunkie
Oct 17, 2002 2:58 PM
careful how you set them. they can be rim crushers but the strongest canti on the market. pure pucker power, and yes get the boosters because your frame and/or fork will flex
re: anyone tried the magura canties?HENRY K
Oct 17, 2002 4:09 PM
re: anyone tried the magura canties?TWD
Oct 17, 2002 4:31 PM
You can get the Magura HS66s through Cambria

The picture on their site doesn't show it well, but the levers actually look pretty cheesy, if you care at all about that type of thing. They aren't cheap either. The boosters will cost you extra.