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Toasted Head CX Series thank youadventurefind
Oct 14, 2002 8:28 AM
Hey guys!

Thank you so much for coming and supporting our first race in the series. One down, four to go. Every participant was in really good spirits and really liked the fact that they suffered on the 5 story, 50 yd, bear of a hill. From what I heard, Mike Hernandez was running up the hill. He was pulling in 7 minute laps too. Fast guy with a great personality.

I will rebuild the barricades we used for the race and I will also go and find form the junk yard we can use. If there are railroad ties I can use, the better because they are indestructible.

The best place for barricades will be inside the row of grape plants. The barriers at the bottom of that hill were well placed to slow riders down, so that will be a permanent spot for them. There will also be barricades behind the gazebo again. So only 6 will be on hand. The course will be difficult with a few variations for every race, but the big hill will remain there, right where it is.

Once racer, Mike, mentioned that it is a great course and that the hill makes a lot of difference. It makes the course.

Thanks go to Lane and John from RH Phillips, the fine folks who let the series happen.

Also in no particular order, thanks go to Sarah for taking charge of registration, and heavy duty thinking activities. Mark for the time and effort for the website, the fine folks from Waterford Bikes for providing us the Gunnar frames, Chris King, Phil Wood, Foy's and B&L bike shops, Alan and Laurel for marshalling the course, Sean, Jake, Nicole and Erin for promoting the series through t-shirts, and the people who participated. Thank you all!

Thanks again,


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