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fenders-sks or planet bike?(2 posts)

fenders-sks or planet bike?weskimad
Oct 13, 2002 4:59 AM
I'm looking to put fenders on my cyclocross bike for commuting in tougher conditions. Anyone have any preferences between these two brands of fenders?
re: fenders-sks or planet bike?TWD
Oct 14, 2002 7:55 AM
I'm assuming your talking about the full coverage fenders in both cases, so here goes with my experience.

I run the SKS fenders on my cross bike (well, at least after the racing season ends) and like them alot. They mounted up fairly easily. On the front fender they have a little plastic clip that pops out and realeases the fender mount if you get a stick jammed in your spokes. I tested this feature out last winter, and it works well. Instead of going over the bars and trashing the spokes of my front wheel, the fender popped out and the stick passed through. Just pup the fender back into it's mount and off you go.

As for the planet bike model, I'm running a set on my singlespeed mountainbike. They also seem nice and durable. I can't remember if they have the breakaway mount like the SKS or not. Otherwise, they seem very comparable in quality and construction.

I'd recommend either, but if the Planet bike don't have the breakaway mount, go with the SKS.