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Just a few questions?(2 posts)

Just a few questions?tmotz
Oct 12, 2002 5:07 PM
I live in Toledo,Ohio -old bad roads.Thats why this interests me.
1. Any good entry level bikes? sub $1000.
2. Does anyone run 52 tooth big gear for road riding- in a triple combo?
3. Does cyclo-cross bikes every have disc brakes?

Thanks in advance.
Maybe some answers...GlowBoy
Oct 14, 2002 11:45 AM
1. In steel, entry-level bikes include the Lemond Poprad (super-nice frame, low-end Sora components, good future upgrade candidate, also available frame-only), Jamis Nova (good value at $850 or so, all Tiagra), Surly Cross-Check (cult favorite, singlespeed-able, may still come with bar-ends, also available frame-only for just $400) and Bianchi Volpe (great value at $850, Tiagra/Deore, also singlespeed-able). All of these bikes have a pretty compliant ride and are good comfortable machines that are also well-suited to road riding, commuting or light touring. In aluminum, you could also look at the Redline Conquest (popular racer and cheap, but reportedly very harsh-riding), K2 (can't remember the name, but it has disc mounts) or the Kona Jake the Snake (very popular, unusually high BB so good ground clearance but also higher riding position). If you plan on doing a lot of riding on those rough roads, you might want to stick with the steel bikes.

2. Seems like 38/48 or 36/48 rings (or a single 42 ring) are considered "ideal" for 'cross racing, but I'm sure there are plenty of guys running 52 big rings on "stock" cranksets. Just means a little more shifting. And sure, lots of people have triples, even if they don't use the granny in races.

3. Disc brakes aren't very common now, but I expect them to really take off the next couple of years because of their performance in the mud, even if they do add a few extra ounces of weight. As far as I know, the Diamondback Podium (no longer made) and the new K2 cyclocross bikes are the only ones with disc mounts on the frame, but that will probably change. And any 'cross bike can be upgraded to a FRONT disc (where it really matters) with a $70 Dimension disc-specific cyclocross fork and the road-lever-compatible version of the Avid mechanical disc brake.

- Dan