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First race for me....(7 posts)

First race for me....Farmpunker
Oct 11, 2002 12:15 PM
I'm hitting my first cross race on Sunday. Actually, this is going to be my first bike race ever. I know this type of topic has probably been posted before, but I thought I'd get fresh info instead of just searching the forum archive.
So - tips anyone? Have fun. Got that. Ride into the pain zone and then beyond. Okay, I understand that. What else?
My plan is to start slow out of the gate and cruise the first laps. Then I'll see how I feel. Should I try and latch on to someone or go at my own pace? Unfortunately, there is no beginner or B class in this race, or in any of the races in the local series, so there is a chance that I'll be the only newbie privateer around.
Anyhow, I'm jacked, and will have a beer after no matter the result.
re: First race for me....cxer
Oct 11, 2002 2:36 PM
no, go 100% from the start and then settle into a pace after that. If not, you'll be riding all by yourself and you could do that...well, all by yourself!
So warm up and pre-ride the course if you can.
re: First race for me....atpjunkie
Oct 11, 2002 3:27 PM
or bring a trainer and spin for about 30 minutes before the race. If you start slow the only way you'll be able to ride with someone is when they lap you.
re: First race for me....Farmpunker
Oct 11, 2002 5:26 PM
Okay, let me qualify myself. What I'm worried about is starting hot and then turning into a puddle of jello about halfway through. Or is this the regular way cross races go: does everyone boot off the start and then recover as best they can before a fullout finish? And would it be better to try and hang with the fast boys even though I risk cratering?
As I said, this is going to be my first bike race period. I've done a lot of cross country running and track in the past, but that's all simple body control. I'm kind of concerned about ramming someone accidentally, being out of control, which goes along with racing over my fitness level.
Anyhow, something for me to consider.
re: First race for me....atpjunkie
Oct 11, 2002 6:21 PM
don't try to hang with the big boys as you will blow and melt down. You have to understand the nature of the sickness. Cross is roughly a 1 hr. sprint. Check the previous posters HR monitor read. Rider Max'd their heartrate the whole time. Ride within your self and have fun but do flirt with the red zone as much as you can. I suggest the trainer because it gets your body warm and pumping so you are not sprinting from a cold nothing. Get a good warm up which ever way you can (pre ride) and hit the line ready to go. Find some guys you think you can hang with and tail them as best you can. CX racers boot hard the whole time, recovery takes place between attacks (if there is time) or on the quick downhills you may get to coast. They don't wait for a fullout finish, it's basically full out from the get go. Just keep telling yourself "this is fun" even if you feel breakfast coming up. Enjoy and welcome to the sickness. Ride HArd and SMILE
find that groove just below meltdown and push
let us know how it goes
re: First race for me....Velocipedio
Oct 12, 2002 4:08 AM
Start hot. Getting a good start is the most important thing you can do.

Get a good start and push as hard as you can for the whole race. Try to hang with the group, but don't worry if you can't. For your first race, ride your own race.

No matter what happens... you wil go all out for the whole time.
Mentally commit to 2 raceswahleyed
Oct 12, 2002 7:07 AM
The first race is going to be weird no matter what. 'Cross is just different.

So, commit to doing a 2nd race no matter how the 1st one goes -- you'll know what to expect and have more fun the 2nd time around. Just remember to race whoever you're around -- be it a battle for 1st, or a battle for 2nd to last, or a battle if you've been lapped -- but battle. Go all out and have fun.

I also agree with going all out. There really isn't any other way. Plus the way to get faster and learn your limits is to push it. So push it -- if anything it'll help you in future races.