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Back Pain...No More Denial(3 posts)

Back Pain...No More DenialJakob
Oct 9, 2002 3:32 PM
So, my back has been killing me for about two weeks and I am finally going to come clean and stop ignoring it. I hurt it two days before the first race of the season and convinced myself that it would go away. I hurt it while falling off my bike in a dismount miscalculation.

Here's the symptoms:
I have muscle pain 6" below my left shoulder blade. It doesn't hurt to walk, stand, or sit. I can get by while riding if I ride in the drops, but only for about 2 hours. It hurts the most when I'm on the hoods. In fact, I can't really ride on the hoods at all right now. It's definitely local to my left side because if I put my right on the hood and let my right arm relax, there is no pain at all.

It hasn't hurt on race day, but I think that might just be the adrenaline talking. My concern is that I signed up to a century w/my wife on 10/18 and I have a CX race the next day. I'm afraid the century is going to really hurt.

Does anyone have any good stretches?

Should I get a massage and see if that helps?
re: Back Pain...No More Denialatpjunkie
Oct 9, 2002 5:33 PM
buy one of those excercise balls. there's plenty of excecises to do. The best after a long ride is to lay on your back and just let the ball stretch you out. You may be rolling your shoulders forward instead of bending at the waist. Your problem may be riding position but since it is one sided you may have a strain of some sort that is aggravated by riding. You may need to see a PT and see if they can figure out what you did. I did major damage to my shoulder in April (I'm still recovering) massage helps, so does Therapy and I've had best results with a good acupuncturist. IMHO I think you starined something sub scapular and the riding (and riding position) is aggravating it.
re: Back Pain...No More Denialgotbones
Oct 11, 2002 9:21 PM
Considering that there are several layers of muscle in the area, diagnosis by forum message is pretty dicey. With that caveat, it sounds as though you may have subluxated a rib and possibly the spine in that area as well as straining a muscle or two. I see this a lot in equestrians who make unintended dismounts.

Acupuncture helps the spasm as does ice (15 on, 15 off). A visit to a sports chiropractor would be a good choice as well as a PT, especially if he or she uses Active Release technique or one of the other myofascial release techniques. A day off or two is a good idea (or at least shorter rides.)

Good luck.