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JRM, it's been 3 weeks, how's the Kelly?(2 posts)

JRM, it's been 3 weeks, how's the Kelly?Jakob
Oct 9, 2002 12:19 PM
I have been daydreaming about steel bikes with quick steering.

I think my next ride might be a Kelly.

What's the verdict? Have you raced it?
re: JRM, it's been 3 weeks, how's the Kelly?jrm
Oct 11, 2002 7:07 AM
I dont think ill ever race on it but ive been riding the crap outta it. Im using the 135mm spaced wheelset with the OE michelins for dirt rides. Also using a 130mm road set with 28cc panaracer Tserv's for road and commuting. Done a coupla dirt epic's on it and ridng fast twisty singletrack. itsthe shLt. Also riding it about 4 days a week to work.

Everything on the bike is flawless. I went over the bars at crit mass dodging a car the first week i had it. belt seat rail, brusied rib and bent rear rim but not damage was done to the frame..thank god.

If you do go Kelly have them build you a complete bike. Steve-O will agree with me on this one. The bike is best as a whole package instead of just buying the frame set. E me if you have any Q's.