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Avid Cantisjayb29
Oct 9, 2002 8:57 AM
I've broken an Avid 15c on my Specialized M4CX and need to replace it. At my LBS I can get an Avid Shorty 4 for $40 or a Radius for $20. Any opinions on which I should go for, or should I order something else (eg, Shorty 6, Paul's, etc)?


re: Avid Cantisflyweight
Oct 9, 2002 11:57 AM
I'd order something else. The Radius is an OK brake. The Avid's are horrible. Depending on the frame it can be a real effort to adjust them so they don't squeel like a banshee. Paul's are certainly nice but also very expensive. The Empella and Spooky brakes from are both less expensive than the Paul brakes and nice than the Radius brakes. Another option is to find some old XT cantilevers.
Ditto on the AvidsAFred
Oct 9, 2002 12:47 PM
They squeal something fierce and are difficult to adjust. Empella and Spooky's cost more, but IMHO are worth it.
radius works great for merichpierce
Oct 9, 2002 3:52 PM
I can't get MTB cantis adjusted to have the right clearance and power/modulation tho I have changed straddle cable height, angle, etc. That includes XTR, XT, LX, STX, old school Deore XT, and Suntour. I have not tried the new generation Avids tho.

I put on a Radius and have excellent clearance (pads far enough off the rim to prevent drag if rim is muddy or gets slightly out of true) and plenty of power and modulation. I can lock them up from the hoods with the levers traveling halfway toward the handlebar with them locked.

I am sure Sheldon Brown or Keith Bontrager knows how to set up cantis for road levers but I can't make them work.
Avids...and I found a way to minimize the squealatpjunkie
Oct 9, 2002 5:56 PM
yes the avids do squeal but I found by accident if I softened the lever throw I got rid of the majority of squeal. I found this out when I mounted my top mounts. I eased up the cable tension to accomodate the extra lever and voila! The regular lever feels a little soft at first but I seem to be getting much better modulation. I think in general people are setting them too tight and are going straight to lock up or near lock up which causes the squeal. My squeal isn't completely gone but is drastically and tolerably reduced.
Avids...and I found a way to minimize the squealflyweight
Oct 10, 2002 3:12 PM
You can make the Avid's hush up. Lots of grease on the posts helps a lot on some frames. Switching pads also helps. Problem is when you have a shop and they come stock on bikes it can be a bit much. One reason I'm glad we stopped carrying the Bianchi Axis! Every single one we sold came back at least once for brake adjustment within the first 90 days or so. Since the bikes were still new we couldn't charge for the labor so we ate the cost. Contrary to popular misconception among consumers, labor is NEVER free.

You definitely make Avid's work. You can probably make them work extremely well. However you can also get a brake like a XT or Spooky or Empella that works just as well with considerably less fuss.
Avids...and I found a way to minimize the squealatpjunkie
Oct 11, 2002 9:47 AM
agree, my one rig came with the Avids so I'm making do with what was presented. Probably wouldn't choose if I was shopping for brakes. Other cx bike has old Paul CNC canti's which are tre sweet and give me the necessary retrogrouch appeal (plus they work great are light and strong) They may lack the faux vintage look of the new Pauls but are certainly nice (plus I got to revive them from a retired MTB) now if I could find the SOB who stole my 1982 MTB with the TA Cranks and Mafac canti's I'd have some sweet old parts to pirate.
Canti straddle tipflyweight
Oct 10, 2002 3:14 PM
Try and find the widest straddle hanger you can get. Shimano makes one specifically for using cantis with road levers. Sheldon Brown has some good tips on his site. I use XT's with Campy Ergo levers and they work great even with the standard Shimano "dot" style hanger. Of course Ergo levers also pull quite a bit more cable than Shimano levers.
Just the opposite hereRay Sachs
Oct 10, 2002 7:34 AM
I find the Avids to work well. There is some squeal, but I've been able to adjust most of the squeal out and still have great stopping power. I tried the Radius and thought they sucked. No stopping power at all. I was using them on a bike with fenders, so I couldn't set the straddle quite as low as I might have otherwise, but it was amazing how little power I was getting from those brakes. If you want a set, I'll sell 'em cheap, but I don't recommend them.

Avid OK but Don't Pay That PriceJames_M
Oct 11, 2002 3:21 PM
I had no problems with my Shorty 4's in the few months I used them. Don't pay $40.00 for one pair there are much better deals out there. I ended up switching (brakes are currently for sale) to V's due to the fact that I constantly kept hitting my leg on the rear brakes. I have Ritchey pads on the fronts and stock pads on the rears and had very little noise.