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Toasted Head course map(15 posts)

Toasted Head course mapadventurefind
Oct 9, 2002 6:38 AM
If you're interested in a map for the Toasted Head series, here it is. There's plenty of parking in the tastnig room area and the adjacent lot where the offices are. You can also park your car on the dirt road where the races will be coming out from the grape rows. Riders can take either of the two rows.

Hope to see you there.
why tyre liners?climbo
Oct 9, 2002 9:21 AM
seems like a bad idea to run it on a course that needs puncture protection, especially when a lot of crossers run sew-ups.
goatheads. . .Jakob
Oct 9, 2002 9:41 AM
are simply a reality of norcal until the first rains. it will be better after that, but for now it's pretty bad. i think i have gotten a flat almost every time i've gone out to rh phillips. that said, i'll be there on sunday. wouldn't miss it!
why not?adventurefind
Oct 9, 2002 11:26 AM
I haven't seen many crossers in the area with sew-ups, plus tire liners will ensure a good race. The goatheads are few, and there's nothing we can do about it.
why not?climbo
Oct 9, 2002 11:47 AM
I guess out here on the East Coast sew-ups are more popular??? No way would I race given the chance that I'd flat my Tufo's. If you're out there and you know about it, I suppose you'd be prepared anyway.
Tufo sealantBipedZed
Oct 9, 2002 12:09 PM
I run Tufo LPS sewups with the Tufo sealant and the puncture protection is amazing. Part of my training ride us on a horse trail that is littered with goatheads and I seriously pick up about 2-3 a ride. While they are in the tire I don't lose any pressure and when I pull them out after the ride the sealant seals it right up. I'm totally confident in the Tufos with sealant.

If you are running sewups you can use the Tufo sealant with any tire or tube that has a removable valve core.
Tufo sealantclimbo
Oct 9, 2002 12:50 PM
i might have to pick some up, sounds good for MTB tubeless also.
Tufo sealant rocks! nmwww-mtnpedaler-com
Oct 10, 2002 6:57 AM
spin skinsadventurefind
Oct 9, 2002 12:19 PM
I use spin skins inside my green michelins (thanks Jake), and mr. tuffy in my road tires, and the slime strips in my other cross wheels. No joke, those thors and goatheads get blown by the wind on roads and you'll get a flat here and there here. It's common, but annoying.

At least there's no broken glass or nails on the course.

This is such a great course though. Fast and then there's the scary uphill...I know someone will have it out with me about that hill. But without that hill, then it wouldn't be a cross race.
re: Toasted Head course mapcxer
Oct 9, 2002 1:46 PM
It just goes to show you promoters never win. Here is this guy promoting a cross race series- giving as much pre-race info as possible on the course, parking, conditions, etc.
What does he get? Some whiner complaining about bumps he will never ride anyway.
FYI, we need more- LOTS more- guys like adventurefind all over the west coast promoting CX! He should be getting nothing but kudos for his race series.
Oct 9, 2002 1:58 PM
Thanks man! I appreciate the compliment.
Doing a race series is not easy. I am fortunate that my wife, Sarah, works at the winery and the owners are bikers. They like the idea I gave them, and they left it up to me to show them what I can do.

Getting sponsorships, phone, email on a daily basis, etc., makes it a cool task to learn from and apply in future endeavors.

I am not much of a racer anymore. I much rather put up a great event and make ppl happy. The prizes we're offering are so cool too. The three top series winners will each receive a Gunnar Cross Hairs frame. Chris king headsets for the other places. As well as goodies from WTB, Phil Wood, White Industries, GU, and Foy's bike shop.

I figured, having a race series in a winery calls for upscale prizes.

Thanks again!
Oct 9, 2002 2:12 PM
Hey, more power to you.
Offering Gunnar frames and goodies- c'mon guys thats better than 90% of the XC or road races out there!
Props to adventurefind and I hope a ever growing series!
and you haven't even seen the courseJakob
Oct 9, 2002 2:19 PM
Sure, there's a chance of flat tires, and a run up the size of an 8-story building, but you're at a winery and you get to bomb downhill between grape rows! The course will be good for this weekend but will be even better once the rain starts. That place has the word suffer all over it, and that's at least half the fun of cross season. Now if I can only manage to win one of those Gunnar frames. . .
and you haven't even seen the courseatpjunkie
Oct 9, 2002 6:02 PM
sounds like a great time. congrats adven-find yer doin' a fine job. You should talk the winery into doing some cycle togs. Ravenswood in Sonoma does pretty well with their jerseys.
way to create a course that puts some dread in the riders SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER! sorry I'm 500 freakin' miles away. Am jealous that I don't have anything to dread...yet.
re: Toasted Head course mapclimbo
Oct 10, 2002 4:44 AM
cxer, think about it this way before you shoot your mouth off again. I'm a race promoter also. I was simply posing a question/thought (not complaining) because I would have imagined the fear of flats would turn people away from the race. If you read the thread, I said that over on the East, most people run sew-ups (especially in the A races) and they wouldn't race if they were going to risk flatting an $80 tyre. Enjoy the race!