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Anyone tried Paul's cross brake levers on the uppers?(4 posts)

Anyone tried Paul's cross brake levers on the uppers?snuz
Oct 7, 2002 5:20 AM
I rode my friends bike over the weekend for about 20 minutes. He had them and I really liked them. Wondering if anyone else has experience with them?
Work greatB123
Oct 7, 2002 10:46 AM
They have so much more power than the road levers, great for mtb riding.
Love 'emOffRoadTourer
Oct 8, 2002 4:53 AM
They are fantastic. No two ways about it. My only criticism is that they mount on the bulge of your bars, placing them quite inboard. If you have wide bars like me the levers can be a little far in, but you can still one-finger brake from the outside. If you have narrow bars this may be a good thing. They are a pain to install, but how often will you do that? Other than that they are beyond reproach. The build quality is A1 and the stopping power is slightly better than road levers. Do it, buy 'em!
Oct 8, 2002 11:24 AM
Pauls is a great outfit, so by all means support them; if you're concerned about lever placement, however, take a look at either the IRDs that come with a shim to fit on the bulge or outboard of it on the narrower portion of the bar, or at the Tektro levers, which mount outboard of the bulge and have a hinged clamp that makes installation less of a hassle (don't need to remove the levers, and only need to unwrap part of the bar tape).

I can't claim to have thought much about this in advance, but since I mounted the Tektros, I notice that the bulge portion of my bars can get a bit crowded in wintertime, what with a light, heart rate monitor, etc. clamped on there. I don't have a computer on the 'cross bike, but that would make things even more crowded if I'd gone with the Pauls.