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Cold and wet weather footwear(5 posts)

Cold and wet weather footwearbuffalosorrow
Oct 4, 2002 4:41 AM
I think this was a subject a month or so back...

Who's using waterproof socks? Do the work? I have seen a number of pair on hiking sites/ shops.

How water/ mud/ chill proof are the Sidi Storms? I have seen some decent deals; $149, performance bikes online.

Or would wise to combine the two. Or can I just ride with a pair in insulated waterproof socks?

The New England damp autumn seems to be approaching, just in time.
here's the link to mysteriosobuffalosorrow
Oct 4, 2002 4:56 AM

I still have to look around for the hiking waterproof liners/ socks.
Oct 4, 2002 5:10 AM
Oct 4, 2002 8:44 AM
you can get them at most flyfishing or fishing/hunting shops. Cabelas (big catalog and e company) sells them or their version of them. I've never used them for cx (I live in San Diego) but they work great on winter flyfishing trips.
ditto sealskinzGlowBoy
Oct 6, 2002 8:10 PM
I use them for both hiking and biking if I know my feet might get wet. I combine them with booties for very wet or snowy weather. I chose them instead of Gore-tex oversocks, because those weren't elastic AT ALL and were impossible to put on and take off - I've heard those have been improved, so it may not be a problem anymore.

The Sealskinz stretch a little but not a lot - they're not terribly form-fitting, so they tend to be baggy in places and you end up with some wrinkles in there. I haven't had any problems but I would think this could cause blisters if the wrinkles fell in the wrong place. I like mine, but if you can you should try them before buying. REI usually carries them, but their website only lists the Sealskinz gloves right now.

Also be aware they're not THAT waterproof. If you ride in heavy rain without booties, some of that pool of water in the bottom of your shoe will make it through the Sealskinz - though you'll still be quite a bit warmer and drier than without them. I think they are also making a new variant of Sealskinz that is more waterproof, however.

- Dan