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Anybody using 959s in the mud?....(3 posts)

Anybody using 959s in the mud?....SS_MB-7
Oct 2, 2002 8:22 AM
I've been a long-time ATAC rider (5-yrs) and have generally liked them for their ease of entry/exit in all conditions. Prior to ATACs, I was a 747 rider but found that in muddy/snowy conditions, I'd either be locked-in or locked-out of them.

In the 5-yrs that I was using ATACs, I had problems with excess bearing play at the body/spindle, cracked bodies on the Carbons, cracked cleat bars, etc. Late last winter, I opted to try a set of EggBeaters.

The Eggs are really light at 283g/pair and are easier to engage/disengage than the ATACs. However, I did have some serious issues with the Eggs that are forcing me to contemplate a new set of pedals, in particular, the 959s.

First, I cracked 2 pairs of cleats in half. When the first pair cracked, I thought it was a fluke or I had over-torqued the bolts (although I was pretty sure I hadn't). But, in looking at the design of the cleat, I noticed a design flaw. I emailed CB and had 2 new pairs of cleats within a couple days. Great.

Then, several months later during the warm-up lap for a race, the right pedal separated from the spindle after the out-board bearing disintegrated. I emailed CB again and they quickly warrantied the pedals with a new set. Incredible customer service. They mentioned that the original o-ring was not sufficient to seal the pedals and that a new o-ring was created to better seal the pedal. Also, regular maintenance of the pedal was recommended to keep the bearings/bushings smooth and clean. This new o-ring seems to be working as intended as the internals on my new pedals are clean.

Unfortunately, 4 weeks ago, a second pair of cleats cracked! I emailed CB and they admitted to a design flaw with the original cleat design and immediately sent me 2 pairs of the new cleat that corrected the flaw. I have not had any further issues with cracked cleats.

However, my new pair of Eggs is developing a slight amount of side-to-side play. Also, the 3 week old cleats are nearly worn-through. Like the ATACs, the Eggs use brass cleats which wear quickly compared to steel, but also extend the life of the steel cleat clips on the pedals. Rumor has it that CB is developing either a new harder-brass cleat or a steel cleat.

It's unfortunate because the Eggs are the ultimate nasty weather pedal and are perfect for ‘cross.

So, my question is, have any of you used a pair of 959s for ‘cross, and in particular, muddy conditions?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
an aside, but . . .Jakob
Oct 2, 2002 8:41 AM
I got this Saturn Cycling team mailer recently and there was a head on shot of Tim Johnson in a race. He had an Egg Beater on the left side and a 959 on the right side. I would figure the drivetrain side isn't as important if you dismount to the left. I know this doesn't answer your question, but you reminded me of the photo.
re: Anybody using 959s in the mud?....morati
Oct 9, 2002 5:31 PM
Hey Mike, yes I'm using 959's in the mud and so far no problems at all. These are my favorite pedals, and I've used Time ATAC's and Eggbeaters too. Still have the Time's but sold the 'beaters 'cause they seemed really maintenance intensive for me.