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Campy line compatibility?(12 posts)

Campy line compatibility?Drupa
Oct 1, 2002 5:47 AM
I understand the relationship between Shimano lines, but I am unfamiliar with Campy - specifically between Centaur and the upper two (Chorus / Record)

I am looking to purchase a NOS Daytona 9 speed set up. I understand the BB is specific to Daytona / Centaur and is not switchable with Chorus / Record - OK...

Can I use a Chorus / Record 9 cassette with a Daytona / Centaur derallieur based drive train assuming I have Chorus / Record hubs?
re: Campy line compatibility?climbo
Oct 1, 2002 6:20 AM
yes you can do that. The hubs all fit the same cassette design.
re: Campy line compatibility?flyweight
Oct 1, 2002 9:28 AM
You can use any Campy 9 speed derailleur with any Campy 9 speed shifter. For cassettes and hubs you can use ANY 9 speed set-up - Campy, Shimano, etc. The spacing on 9 speed stuff is the same regardless of who makes it. Only real difference between Campy 9 and Shimano 9 is the splines used to mount the cassette on the hub (you can't put a Shimano cassette on a Campy hub).

I run DuraAce STI shifters/derailleurs on my road bike with Campy Nucleon wheels and a Record cassette. On one of my Gunnar cross bikes I run Campy shifters/derailleurs with Shimano hubs/cassettes.
re: Campy line compatibilitycxfan
Oct 1, 2002 11:06 AM
There are two different Campy 9 speed setups. Pre 2001 9 speed (record, chorus, athena) works together and then Campy made 2001 and newer 9 speed with the carbon rear der and the carbon shifters and introduced Daytona and it will only work with the "newer stuff" The paralelegrams on the rear der were different lengths and they didnt shift at all.

The spacing is close for the 9sp Campy and the 9 sp Shimano but you have to really adjust the rear der to work great. But it does work.

But it looks like Campy has pulled the plug on 9 speed starting this year. Best stock up on 13/26 cassettes at this point

Not true.flyweight
Oct 1, 2002 1:21 PM
Not true on both counts.

I have 2001 Chorus that works just fine with Shimano 9 speed and pre-2001 Campy 9 speed. As for getting Campy cogs to work with Shimano, it was just as easy to set up as an all Shimano drivetrain and I routinely switch back and forth between Campy and Shimano wheels with no problems.

I also have the fresh off the presses Campy 2003 dealer catalog and 9 speed is still very much in production. Xenon, Mirage and Veloce are still 9 speed only. The only group that is 10 speed only is Centaur. The only real changes for Campy in 2003 are in the wheel range. They've dumped the "Climb Dynamic" and "Fluid Dynamic" ranges and renamed them "Low Profile" (Hyperon, Proton, Neutron), "Medium Profile" (Eurus, Zonda, Scirocco) and "High Profile" (Ghibli, Bora, Pista
Let me muddy the waters a bit more, if I might...The Walrus
Oct 2, 2002 6:05 PM
What about this (as-yet) hypothetical situation? Shimano 9-speed hubs/XT rear derailleur paired with Mirage shifters--is there any way to tweak this to make it work, or is the cable pull so different between the two systems that it's out of the question?
Let me muddy the waters a bit more, if I might...flyweight
Oct 3, 2002 8:15 AM
Nope, won't work. I've tried many times to coax a 9 speed Ergo shifter into working with Shimano derailleurs and it just won't do it. However you can get a Ergo 10 speed lever to shift Shimano derailleurs/cassette. You have to fiddle with the cable clamp a bit but it does work very well.
I was afraid of that...The Walrus
Oct 3, 2002 3:38 PM
...but thanks for sparing me the frustration.

As far as I know, the "biggest" cassette Campagnolo has at the Mirage level is a 13-28; realistically, if I decided to try a Shimano hub/cassette with Mirage derailleur, what's the biggest cog I could get away with?
I was afraid of that...flyweight
Oct 4, 2002 2:53 PM
Probably a 12-27. Only thing bigger from Shimano these days goes up to a 32 which it definitely won't do.
I was afraid of that....Thanks. (nm)The Walrus
Oct 5, 2002 4:34 PM
Chorus crank & BB / centaur der's & shifters?Drupa
Oct 2, 2002 6:41 PM
I would assume this isn't a problem, am I correct?
correct, not a problemclimbo
Oct 3, 2002 5:35 AM