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Need tire help please(2 posts)

Need tire help pleasefree-agent
Sep 30, 2002 8:28 AM
I need to replace my Michelins as cheaply as possible. Does anyone know of a website with deals on tires, or have any used for sale?
Anyone have any experience with Continental Twisters? They are the best deal I have found at $22. Any help would be appreciated.
re: Need tire help pleaseGlowBoy
Oct 3, 2002 11:55 AM
First off, bear in mind I've only had my 'cross bike for a year and haven't raced it, just ridden it on trails, so don't take my advice too seriously

But I do have a Twister that I've used for several rides this summer. I paid about the same as you did (wire-bead version, right?). It may be a bit on the narrow side for a 32c tire, but has really good grip, at least in dry conditions. It also seems to roll pretty well, since the tread is quite a bit thinner along the middle. It IS a bit heavy, though. Mine weighed in at 520 grams.

Other suggestions: How about the Ritchey SpeedMax? They're not quite as knobby but weigh less and are cheaper than the Twisters. I think I've seen them for $15 at REI.

Also, for really muddy conditions you could look at the Kenda Kross Supreme, the tire that comes stock on the Redline Conquest. It's a wideish 35c tire, weighs as much as the wire Twister, and is kinda squirmy with a soft rubber compound, but it grips like nothing else I've found so far, and also rides quite a bit smoother (big volume). And dang it is cheap ... I paid $10 (!) for mine at CityBikes Annex.

You're on the maybe list for the Mt. Hood ride on Saturday, right? Hope to see you there.

- Dan