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single speed good or badhank
Sep 29, 2002 8:52 PM
I live in SoCal and I want to race w/ss. Is this a bad idea? Why? And how hard is it to build a ss wheel? thanks
re: single speed good or badclimbo
Sep 30, 2002 3:33 AM
a SS wheel is easy to build, it just deends on what you want to spend on one, you can go budget or high end just like anything else. The question is: do you ride SS MTB or are you going straight to SS from gears? Racing SS is cross is fine (and lots of fun) but if you haven't ridden SS before it will probably be painful and frustrating, unless all the courses are dead flat. Riding SS takes some training and time to work up to be able to race one effectively. Of course, if you just grab a SS and go you'll be able to do it, maybe not as well at first, it's all about your gearing choice.
I'm 100% SS, be it MTB, road or 'cross....SS_MB-7
Sep 30, 2002 3:50 AM
I'm 100% SS, be it MTB, road or 'cross. I've been racing my MTB SS for 2 years at the Expert XC level and have done reasonably well against the "gearies" using a 2:1 gearing.

For training/commuting on the roads, I have a fixed-geard which uses 48x16 (fixed) or 48x17 (free). I entered a local race this summer on it and, surprisingly, did pretty well.

More recently, I built-up a SS 'cross bike. I'm using a slightly steeper gearing (42x18) than my MTB since the tires are much narrower and less aggressive and the terrain is generally tamer. Unfortunately, for yesterday's first race, I had to use my SS MTB with 1.5" Conti Cross Countries since my front Dia-Compe 287V brake lever broke the night before at 10:00pm. The 36x18 gear ratio on my MTB was not quite enough for this race. It was fine for the climbing and most of the course, but I lost a lot of ground on the downhills.

I think with the right gearing, there is no disadvantage to SS....especially when things get muddy and the derailleurs, shifters, etc start to seize, mis-shift, etc.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
single speed. good.buffalosorrow
Sep 30, 2002 10:12 AM
I started gettng into cycling a few years ago when I applied for a courier position through (city folk remember the now defunct www.failure) Well I build up a fixed gear with an old motobecane and rode through the NYC winter. From that point, my only way to commute is the ferry(I have yet to learn to bike on water) and biking.
My current 99% complete project is a single speed cross (only thing holding me off the road is a broken stem, should have it today).
There are a few cult websites you can see some pic's or as here called 'bike porn'. I live on the east coast and am going to enter my first race November 25 at Winding Trails on my single speed cyclocross.
Some secrets I have learned both Suzue and Phil Wood make a double threaded single speed/ track hub, this means you can place two track cogs, two single free wheels or one of each. No, this is not for weight fanatics but gives you the option between fix and free without having a seperate wheel build. I think surly now has one.
Single speeding for me is fun, especially fixed gear off road, I get really agressive (not in my nature). I like to "lock up" downhill and slide.
I have been hit by three cars, one 'stoned beyond belief' cyclist, one DWI accident, and friday hit a pedestriant on a green light, I can not wait to get on my bike as soon the cuts heal to some degree.
Single speed. Good.