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Some newbe questions "Help"(3 posts)

Some newbe questions "Help"Steve A
Sep 23, 2002 5:52 AM
A couple of thing, I just got a new C-Dale cross bike and it seems nice, "but" i cant help but notice that the brakes dont stop, may be i'm just used to disc brakes? dont know I pulled off the OEM Coda brakes and put on Avid Shorty 8 Ti it 's a little better but still not up to par. I'm going to try the Spooky top levers in hopes they will work better?

Also I noticed in pictures that some bikes are equipped with Mavic Ksyrium, is this a good chice for an after market wheel for Cross?
Thanks Steve A
Don't forgetEager Beagle
Sep 23, 2002 6:48 AM
to allow a little time for your pads to bed in (and make sure they are properly set up). The brakes on my new Daytona bike were awful for the first couple of hours - I thought that the pads were faulty, but when they settled in they came good. In any event, they are not going to be a good as discs, especially in the wet.

On the wheel front - K's are very tough wheels and I'm sure would make a fine x wheel, if you feel the urge to throw the money at them...
Don't forgetatpjunkie
Sep 23, 2002 3:49 PM
just adapt. Canti's are neither as good as discs or vees. You'll adapt, just ahve to start squeezing sooner. K's are okay if you are light, have fine technique and loaded. I'd suggest buying the older non SCC models (elites) on line