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Tire Questionmcbaker55
Sep 19, 2002 4:00 PM
I am looking for a good all-around clincher for 'cross season. I don't want to invest in multiple sets - I just want to run the same tire week in and week out. I live in Portland, Oregon, so mud is likely, as is slippery grass. Some courses also have a fair bit of pavement. I am thinking that the Michelin 'Cross Mud (30) and the Panaracer 'Cross Blaster (31) look like promising choices. Also, is 30-31 the right size? I currently run Kenda Kross Supremes in a 35 (?)(stock on my Redline) and they look huge (and feel really heavy). Any thoughts?

weak feedbackSteve_O
Sep 20, 2002 11:03 AM
I have ran the Muds and have some cross blasters that need to go on as soon as I wear out my current tires...

The Muds have larger, more tightly spaced knobs then the Cross Blasters. They will probably "feel" closer to your Kendas. Coming from an MTB background tight, close knobs normally means (to me) that the mud would pack up more on the Michelins; however, on the Muds I have used they seem to shed mud pretty well. I think this has something to do with the silica compound in the tires.

The Cross Blasters seem to be a very light race ready tire. They look like they would roll very fast but I can't speak from first hand knowledge (yet!)...
How 'bout the Conti Twister Pro?GlowBoy
Sep 20, 2002 11:20 AM
I'm not a 'cross racer but more of an off-road rider. I picked up a Twister 700x32 (like a lot of these tires, it actually measures out a bit narrower than 32mm) based on a recommendation from a Bike Gallery employee whom I trust (I'm in Portland too). It definitely has more tread to it and more grip than a lot of 'cross tires - enough that it works pretty well for most trail riding. But the knobs are pretty low in the center and it still rolls pretty fast. It seems like it would be really good for racing in wet-but-not-extreme conditions. I have the wire bead model, by the way, which weighs something like 520 grams ... so so you DEFINITELY want the Pro model with the Kevlar bead for racing. Maybe the Kevlar version is still too heavy for you, but I thought I should mention it.

I also have one of the Kenda Kross Supremes (my current rear tire), and I agree with you that it's huge and heavy. It's actually a great tire for my purposes (though it buzzes my chainstays if the wheel gets a little out of true), BUT for racing I think almost any tire would have better handling. I find it to be a lot more squirrely than others I've tried, probably due to the very soft rubber and thick tread.

If you want something more on the aggressive side but with better performance than the Kenda, I believe Ritchey makes the Mount Cross in a 700x35. I have the larger 700x38 version (bought at River City) and it's a great tire.

- Dan
How 'bout the Conti Twister Pro?mcbaker55
Sep 20, 2002 11:53 AM
I had discounted the Conti because I had heard that it was squirrely on pavement - although the Michelin looks like it would be poor on pavement. Shannon Skerrit (local 'cross meister) runs the Michelin Mud at all the races, so if it's good enough for him...

I ended up telling my shop (I race for Bike-n-Hike) to get me whichever was cheaper. I'm sure either will be a vast improvement over the wire Kendas.

You should come out to Alpenrose or somewhere for some fun spectating! 'Cross is great to watch. Check out for the schedule.