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Rocky Mountain Rail....any opinions??(3 posts)

Rocky Mountain Rail....any opinions??cohenfive
Sep 19, 2002 9:49 AM
hi, my first post over here (frequent mtbr user). i'm looking for a winter/training bike and found a local seller of a rocky mountain rail. does anyone here have experience with this bike, what do you think of it? i'd be using it primarily as a basic road bike, not likely doing any real cyclocross, but the thought of a road bike that's a bit 'tougher' than most without a huge weight penalty is appealing. thanks for the insites.

richard cohen
Not much help here...Slacker Joe
Sep 20, 2002 10:05 AM
I've had a 2002 Rail for more than a month now, and have been happy with it, but can't really comment on the pros and cons vs another training bike, since this is my first non-mountain bike.

As with many cross bikes, it has a higher bottom bracket than a pure road bike (and a little on the high side of cross bike geometries I've looked at as well), so you have to take that into account in determining if it fits, but you probably already know that.

I've been riding mine primarily on the dirt, so can't comment on road manners much. It feels plenty quick on twisty trails, but may feel a little on the sluggish side on the pavement, again a characteristic of many cross bikes with a slacker head angle.

Aluminum frame and fork feels pretty harsh on roots and rutted dirt roads, but feels fine around the neighborhood.

If you have any questions about the bike in particular that you think I could answer, ask away.. I say if the price is right, get the bike and screw the road, hit the dirt! But that's just me.
Not much help here...cohenfive
Sep 20, 2002 12:06 PM
thanks for the info. i was looking at a bike for winter road/training rides. ended up buying a new raleigh r700 road bike, full ultegra/shimano 535 wheels for a great price from a really great road bike shop. i've still got a couple of months in the dirt in the bay area but want to be ready and this bike wouldn't be around at this price in a few weeks.