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suspension seat postMAII
Sep 19, 2002 6:51 AM
Hope this hasn't been an "over asked question" If so direct me to the thread.

I LOVE cyclocross favorite sport on a bike. However, I broke some vertabrae in a stage race 15 months ago and racing on a cross bike is still pretty miserable...I know that a suspension seat post is going to effect my vertical jump but other then that what are the pros's and con's???...anyone who has used one to race
re: suspension seat postOffRoadTourer
Sep 19, 2002 7:40 AM
I ride on a Cane Creek Thudbuster, and I was very sceptical before installing it. It's fantastic! I've tried telscopic posts before and not specially liked them, this leaves them for dead!

The website claims 3.9 inches of travel but this is the length of the arc the seat follows, it feels to me like about 2" of useful travel but it doesn't seem to bob at all. And there's no chance of that annoying rotational slop your saddle always ends up with on a telescoping post. It's unusual looking, so expect lots of enquiries and insults. It aint cheap but you get what you pay for, it rides like a magic carpet.