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Opinions on Surly Cross Check Frame(6 posts)

Opinions on Surly Cross Check FrameJR007
Sep 18, 2002 7:11 AM
I'm looking at building a commuter / Trail bike that may one day be used for actual CX. My funds are limited, so I've been looking at the Surly Cross Check cause the frame and fork are about $600 Canadian. What is the opinion on these frames? Are they built well? I'm looking for something that I can keep for years, but can't afford a Rivendell! I've got an Ultegra groupo from another bike that I'm planning to use, but want to be able to put 35C tires, rack, fenders etc. on the bike. Thanks for the help.
re: look at SOMA, Gunnar, IRD for comparisonlookin for help
Sep 18, 2002 10:48 AM
I just went through this over the past couple of weeks. I was trying to do the exact same as you. I started out very interested in the surley which looks like a great frame no doubt. Difference in comparison with the SOMA and I think IRD is they use 600 series tubing where the surley does not. It uses a heavier 4130 Cro-moly frame. The SOMA's were running just under $500 (not sure with or without fork) Gunnar, which I think is using true temper OX platinum and reynolds 853 runs $600 for the frame and $780 with the fork. But, I have heard questions about the paint chipping very easily. I had actually decided on looking for the SOMA frame which I thought might be the best for the price when I got kind of lucky and scored a lemond poprad frame (combination 853 and 500 series tubes) for $300 with fork.

everything I listed above of course is american $ Not quite sure on the exchange rate but I think that all things considered the others are comparable for a slightly better frameset. That said... I am pretty sure if someone walked up and said heres a surley have fun, I would. Just thought I would relay everything I just learned! It is hard when you have prescious little money to spend!

If you look through the recent archives (about 2 weeks ago) there was a great discussion about this.

Poprad $300?Drupa
Sep 18, 2002 6:49 PM
Best price I have seen is $499 frame and fork. Where did you get that price???
Poprad $300?lookin for help
Sep 19, 2002 9:04 AM
While I was scouring the world for what frame I wanted I told the owner of my LBS what I was interested in.. He is a Trek, Fisher, Lemond dealer. A week or so later I stopped in for something else and noticed a host of new bikes in the shop. He said... Oh yeah I picked something up you might be interested in.... 2002 52cm Poprad frame. He said they were closing them out and figured if I did not want it he could probably still sell it. But, I wanted it. and he sold it to me for 299 plus tax. frame and fork!!!! Pays to develope a good relationship with your local bike shop.
re: Opinions on Surly Cross Check FrameDrupa
Sep 18, 2002 6:47 PM
Surly is best value - solid frame. Soma may be better suited for panniers - almost the same frame as Surly but with eyelets for racks - about $100 more and hard to find until the big Tiawanese boat arrives with just about everybody's 2003 inventory. Tires and fenders no problem with either.

Love that Rivendell!
re: Opinions on Surly Cross Check Framejrm
Sep 20, 2002 7:40 AM
Ive ridden a cross check for the last 8 months. Its heavy due to the 4130 material. The 72 degree headangle makes for slow but steady handler on the road and in the dirt. The OE fork flexs noticably. Theyre real versatile in how they can be set up. And last but not least theyre cheap..

The SOMA is designed to capture the same market as the Surly. Its built with a 631 front triangle and 4130 stays. The unicrown fork should work betterthen the surly offerings. because of the simularites in geometry its easy to conclude that the handling will be about par with the surly.

if you can afford it go with the Poprad. its the cheapst 853 steel CX frame set ive seen and $499 for the fram e and fork is a good deal. It is a "true" CX. Another one to consider is the REDLINE conquest. Good hunting. And one last pieceof advice. If you get a surly you will end up upgrading, spend a bit more $$ now and get something of a bit better quality.