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What's the consensus on brake boosters?(4 posts)

What's the consensus on brake boosters?GlowBoy
Sep 17, 2002 3:44 PM
Worth the money and weight? I've got a Bianchi Volpe with Avid cantis.

I did a ride in Portland's Forest Park recently, and on one of the longer, STEEPer downhills my hands started to hurt like they used to when I had cantis on my mountain bike. I mean, it's not like my brakes don't work (and I DO have them set up correctly), and I can lock up the wheels easily enough ... but it still takes a lot more effort than on my other bike. You can visibly see the seatstays and fork flex slightly if you squeeze the brake levers real hard, so I figure that represents force I'd rather send straight to the rims than dissipate out into the frame.

I'm going to be commuting on this bike all winter (meaning: lots of rain, darkness, and heavy traffic while riding on drop bars) and wouldn't mind my brakes being as easy and efficient as possible, knowwhaddimean?

Do brake boosters make a noticeable improvement in braking performance? At 100g apiece I'll probably take them off for the summer road sseason, but I'll put up with that extra weight in the winter - if they work.

- Dan
re: What's the consensus on brake boosters?tony d
Sep 17, 2002 6:32 PM
I have some carbon Salsa's on my Kelly and they did improve the braking quite a bit (seatstays no longer flex) but the big improvement was that the brakes no longer squeal. XT's are notorious for this but at least in that respect brake boosters are worth the money.Without the flexing the brakes would no longer chatter, no squealing,alot better braking.
Classic fixB123
Sep 17, 2002 10:27 PM
Back in the day when mtb's had canti's I would install countless brake boosters to stop brake squeeeeeeeealllll. The added strength to the stays/fork keeps pads toed. Now we use 'em on some v-brake setups that squeal, mostly cannondale forks.

For cross its kind of a no-no in muddy conditions, but they help with braking performance. Buy 'em if you get a good deal.
re: What's the consensus on brake boosters?wspokes
Sep 18, 2002 3:26 AM
Remember, one paperclip equals about one gram. Besides, it is a commuter, therefore I am assuming you will be hauling some work items and have a rack possibly. The benefits of improved comfort on your hands and brake efficiency in traffic and described conditions will probably far outweigh any negatives, especially weight. The Volpe was a pretty solid bike, I liked those models for their multi-use ability! Good Luck