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what headsets are you running(9 posts)

what headsets are you runninglookin for help
Sep 16, 2002 10:32 AM
ooohhhh so many parts to buy!!! I am just getting started building up my poprad and the first thing I am getting is a headset, stem, and handlebar... But the headset dilemma is throwin' me.

I have four on the board right now... the King for $98, CAne Creek C-1 for 34.95, Syncros for about $50, down to a ritchey Logic for $25. I know it probably boils down to willingness to service or buy new again down the road or buy once for worry free with the King. What do you guys run?

I don't think I will ever race this bike (or any) but I want to set it up to deal with rough roads and short singtrack sections. And it will probably be used alot for commutes.

cane creek, ritchey, fsaJakob
Sep 16, 2002 10:52 AM
I have been putting cheap to mid-level headsets on my bikes for a few years and i haven't had much trouble. the only problem i have had was with a ritchey logic pro on my mtb when i mangled the lower bearing cage, but that happened because my headset was loose for a longish ride and i had incorrectly mis-diagnosed the front end looseness as fork bushing probs. it wasn't a big deal because i just removed the bearings from the cage and ran it that way.

I have not experienced any cracked cups or other problems. of course, the chris king headsets are really beautiful, i just haven't felt like paying that much for a headset. my favorite right now is the ritchey logic pro with the lower needle bearings.
Currently running CK...Steve_O
Sep 16, 2002 11:27 AM
I am running a 1" steerer tube and was a little concerned about long term abuse so I got a HS that is bulletproof (Note - I also got it as a shop deal so that helped to "influence" the decision ;-).

If you properly maintain a HS then any of the ones you listed should be fine. My personal favorite for many years were the WTB Momentem headsets with the greaseguard port. Every six months or so I would give the bearings a shot of grease and they seemed to last forever!
Currently running CK...atpjunkie
Sep 16, 2002 11:36 AM
1.125 cane creek on one 1" Syncros on the other. You can find great deals on the Syncros (Nashbar Ebay etc...) a super fantatic and water resistant headset.
You can always go King as well.
re: what headsets are you runningBAM
Sep 17, 2002 3:18 AM
You can`t go wrong with a CK, but consider a Ritchey WCS. They are cheaper,lighter and come with a lifetime warranty. They just don`t come in o' so many pretty colors, only black and silver. I have found mine just as smooth and buttery as the CK I had on my Poprad.
another WCS vote hereclimbo
Sep 17, 2002 4:35 AM
very nice headsets, King are great also but I got a great deal on a WCS and am happy.
CK on all my bikes (nm)SS_MB-7
Sep 17, 2002 4:37 AM
re: what headsets are you runningwspokes
Sep 18, 2002 3:33 AM
I just put a BMX "fat pig" 1 1/8 headset on my Surly. That is one tough headset for about $22. It has some extra weight compared with other more expensive headsets but I wasn't too concerned about the weight.

On my Bianchi Project bike which dates to 92, I just, for the first time, replaced the lower bearings and cup. I still have the same headset basics except for the described changes. Tioga 1 inch is what was stock on it. I remember putting a Growler headlock top nut on it right after I got it and never touched it til last year when I cleaned up the bike and put on a new stem (aluminum flexstem) and drop handlebars (mine broke). The bike has many many abused miles on it.

re: what headsets are you runningMasterBlaster
Sep 18, 2002 8:17 PM
I have a 2002 Poprad. it has a Cane Creek S-pro headset.
Cost around $100 and works. I would recommend spending the money on a good headset and not worry about having to replace it.