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Where to buy cross tires online? also who makes 38's?(5 posts)

Where to buy cross tires online? also who makes 38's?chewbacca
Sep 9, 2002 9:29 AM
Anyone know of a online shop that sells cross tires?

I'm looking for something big to ride on, like a 38 or maybe some new 29" mtb tires, I ride a surly cross-check so clearance isn't too much of an issue...

thanks for any help you guys/gals can give me.

Try WebcycleryFiver
Sep 9, 2002 9:38 AM
They have a decent selection:

I just put a 38 Ritchey on the front of my Surly and it makes a huge difference over the 30 Hutchinson I had on there before. Much more comfortable ride and descents aren't as sketchy.
re: Where to buy cross tires online? also who makes 38's?www-mtnpedaler-com
Sep 9, 2002 5:58 PM
I've been running Ritchey Z.E.D Cross in a 42. They're big and fat and comfy. I use them for trail riding. WTB makes the Motoraptor and the Nano Raptor in 2.1s!!flyweight
Sep 10, 2002 7:25 AM
You can find just about every cyclocross tire made from I work in a shop and I still will order from them in part because they're major supporters of the sport. They invest a lot of time and money into helping the sport grow and are very deserving of your support.
Ritchey Mount Cross comes in 700x38 ... about $30 w/ Kevlar beadGlowBoy
Sep 10, 2002 11:02 AM
I got mine at my LBS, and don't know of an online source. Sorry. But a good tire, reasonably light and fairly aggressive tread for its size.

- Dan