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Great online supplier (Thanks Jakob)(3 posts)

Great online supplier (Thanks Jakob)OffRoadTourer
Sep 4, 2002 6:06 AM
A couple of weeks back a few people had good things to say about

Well I live in Australia and can't get any form of top-mount brake lever over here. So I ordered some Paul cross levers online from aebike and got them for US$50.99 (cheapest I've seen) plus cheap postage. Delivered to me in under a week! Fantastic.

I'll report back on the Paul cross levers when I've installed them, but from all reports they're pretty good, they sure look it.

So thanks to Jakob for the initial recommendation and thanks to for the excellent price and service.
You're welcome, but actually. . .Jakob
Sep 5, 2002 8:20 AM
I didn't so much recommend as I was actually wondering about their service myself. So, thank you for trying it and letting us know. My friend/coworker also ordered from them last week and he got a Thomson Seatpost from them in 4 business days. That's pretty good considering that it had to travel from Michigan to California.

All Hail Alfred!

I also just got some Paul Levers (from, another excellent mail order company). I am going to install them tonight. One thing about them that a friend of mine noted is that you have to make sure both sets of levers are exactly where you want them before you cut the cable housing between them. Any slight change to the position of the levers throws the whole thing out of wack. There's almost no tolerance.
Sep 6, 2002 1:03 AM
Well yes, that stands to reason really. I installed mine only yesterday (god I wish there was an easier way, thankfully you only have to do it once). If you're using QBP travel agents as well the whole thing is a nightmare. But I got it done and they are sweet as! They must pull just slightly more cable than my STI levers as they are slightly more powerful (a good thing). I can't recommend them highly enough. Now if only they could design a supplementary inline gear changer for the tops as well....