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Kelly Knobbie Cross......(6 posts)

Kelly Knobbie Cross......jrm
Sep 2, 2002 1:53 PM
I've been interested in a kelly knobby cross for some time. Last Friday i went to the shop and looked at the color selection and picked up a fitting sheet. This Wednesday i have an appointment for a fitting.

Heres the thing. I have 32.25" inseam (in shoes), im 5'8, 41, 185lbs and have a "regular" lenght upper torso.I can fit a 53mm-54mm, the TT's going to be short. When i was there lastweek, they mentioned that i should consider a 55-55 (C to T)but i'd end up with 14 to 1/2"s of standover. The other option is to get a 55-55 and slope the TT. But if i go this route the price is going to increase. Help..Please...
re: Isn't the top tube differencesnuz
Sep 2, 2002 4:26 PM
from the 53 to 55 very minimal? I'm thinking an inch maybe less. You might be able to make it up with a longer stem and/or
certain seat or seatpost.
Mines a 55 cm...Steve_O
Sep 3, 2002 8:04 AM
FYI... I ride a stock 55 x 55 cm Knobby X. When I bought it I went direct through Kelly and simply followed "One size smaller then your road bike" rule.

My dimensions are as follows:

- 33" inseam (as measured here in the office with shoes on - not real scientific)
- 5' 11" height
- average torso
- longer arms (typically 34/35 sleeve for a dress shirt)

b Standover
No problems here. Probably a good 1-1/2" with 700x30c tires.

b fit
I started off with a 0x110mm stem and felt a little stretched out. This surprised me because I came off a 57cm Trek road bike with a 120mm stem. My Trek feels "roomy" but I don't feel stretched out (Hmmm Maybe I was?!)

I recently swapped the stem on my Kelly for a 5degree by 100mm stem and it has a much better feel for riding. I am now more comfortable in the drops and feel more stable offroad. I am definitely more upright but a quick glance in the mirror shows that my back is at about a 45 degree angle when I'm on the hoods...

If I were you I would lean towards the 53-54 as I think you are going to feel really stretched on the 55-55 size... Hope that helps...
I have a knobby 53snuz
Sep 3, 2002 11:10 AM
I'm 5'10 with a 31 inseam and a somewhat long torso. I bought a 53 because it was on clearance. If it wasn't I probably would have got a 55, but then I'd be in danger of not enough crotch clearance.

This is my first road bike so I'm not even sure how it is supposed to fit. I'd say I'm ok with the top tube but just barely. Most of my riding will be a little higher than evereyone else's, I'm not planning on racing. When I ride with my hands on the bottoms I feel a bit cramped, but for all I know, that may be how it's supposed to be. When I've seen pictures of cyclo racers, some of them seem to be really cramped on their bikes. I suppose everyone has their own preference.

I'll probably either get a new stem or setback seatpost. But I have to figure out exactly what I need first. Nothing can screw up your ride like the wrong stem.

So if I'm 5 10 with a long torso and the 53 is ok for me, it may be ok for you. To be honest most of us are 'tweeners" anyway. Adjustments can be made. I'm always amazed how half an inch here or there can make a big difference. When I first got on the bike I felt a little cramped, but I tilted the seat upward a bit and that made a big difference.

As for the Kelly, especially since I'm riding on a smaller frame, it feels very "whippy". My bike came with really light stuff except for the aluminum time atacs I put on them and my fatter than should be ass. Stiff but fairly comfortable considering how light it is. No its not as smooth on bumps as my steel Kona mountain bike and Marzocchi fork, but a very nice ride considering how light it is.
re: I failed to mention..jrm
Sep 3, 2002 4:47 PM
That the last roadie i owned was a 54cm and it fit well. Now im on a 52cm Cross Check with a 54.5TT. Im using a 1" offset seat post and a Salsa 105 by 0 stem. The thing that gets me about this frame is the angles. I really dont like the 72 degree headtube. Im using 28cm Panaracer Tserv road tires (get these tires they rock for street riding)and the bike handles like a pig on the road, but real well in the dirt with 30/32 bonty Ac's.

Im thinking that if i get the 53cm Kelly use the 105 stem, the steeper headtube angle on the kelly will flatten and extend the TT. Thus making up for the difference between the Surlys longet TT. I know the road manner of the kelly will be nice with te steeper head tube angle, but think the dirt handling will be sketchy at best unless i use a big ol honking knobber on the front.
re: I'm thinking about using a setback seatpost..snuz
Sep 3, 2002 6:30 PM
I'm assuming that is what an offset seatpost is. Do you find that it does anything negative to your knee angle. I was trying to figure out how it would feel by sliding my butt off the back of my seat and pedaling, but I really couldn't tell.