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Dismount speed?(3 posts)

Dismount speed?TWD
Sep 2, 2002 9:21 AM
So, I went out the other night to practice some dismounts, since I am thinking of trying a couple of cross races this fall.

I wanted some opinions on how fast I should be able to dismount. I practiced a few and found that while I may approach my dismount with a fair bit of speed, I wasn't comfortable getting off the bike at anything above 13-14 mph. I'm comfortable with swinging my leg off and unclipping at higher speeds, it's just that my feet didn't want to move that fast once I hit the ground running.

Is a 14mph dismount reasonable for cross racing? I'm not planning on racing the world cup or anything, just the local B category races.

Now, getting back on the bike, I need far more work there.
re: Dismount speed?seamus
Sep 2, 2002 9:47 AM
Yeah, at 13-14 you're in the ballpark, depending on the course and barrier/obstacle you're heading into.

Bottom line, just jump in some races and see how it goes...there will be riders (even in the B's) who aren't so fast at the run-up/dismount/remount part of cross racing, but fast elsewhere, and other riders who are just the opposite. It's what makes cross racing interesting and challenging. As for your trouble getting back on the bike, it's a pure committment issue. I find that in training rides and races I do an awkward little two-step with my planted leg when remounting because I'm a bit scared to jump on my own nuts, but with the adrenalin of racing, you just hop on and hammer without thinking about it. Most important cross tip anyone ever gave me: hop on the saddle and land on the inside of your leg (not your nuts) and slide on the saddle that way.
re: Dismount speed?TWD
Sep 2, 2002 10:09 AM
Thanks for the advice,

I think your right about the committment part of getting back on. A few years back, when I was racing MTB alot, if I had to dismount, I had no trouble leaping back onto the bike from a full sprint.

The other night, I was hesitating and stutter stepping, so I think I just need to practice and regain that confidence.