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Brake adjusters for Cantis?(6 posts)

Brake adjusters for Cantis?lvonmoss
Aug 27, 2002 9:51 AM
what are most people using for a cable adjuster with their cross brakes? after going from cantis to v's to disc on my mtb and now back to cantis on my cx bike i feel like i'm back in the stone age. are the da vinci in line cable adjusters pretty much my only choice? neither of my cable stops are threaded to accept a barrel adjuster.
re: Brake adjusters for Cantis?Dan Cas
Aug 27, 2002 10:07 AM
As long as the barrel adjuster fits inside the stop,you can use a nut on the barrel adjuster.Most bike shops have these type of adjusters with nuts in the parts box.
re: Brake adjusters for Cantis?ferrul
Aug 27, 2002 11:40 AM
Somebody recommended this to me last year on this board. It works well and is clean looking.
Its at the bottem of the page and is titled "Cable Hardware
NEW! Barrel Adjuster Conversion Kit"

However, I got ripped with a high shipping charge for something that could fit in an envelope with a 34 cent stamp.
Aug 27, 2002 1:33 PM
Any picts... Sounds like a nice solution

Steve-O (allen wrench is my "barrel adjuster" for my FD)
Jagwire...The Walrus
Aug 28, 2002 4:38 PM
...makes excellent in-line barrel adjusters that can be used for either brake or derailleur cables. They come two to a package, for about $9, and have adapters for various cable housing diameters. If your LBS doesn't carry 'em, they are in the QBP catalogue.
re: Brake adjusters for Cantis?lvonmoss
Aug 29, 2002 11:43 AM
thanks for the ideas. i will probably try barrel adjusters if they fit in unthreaded slot. otherwise will go with one of the inline cable adjusters.

btw, just built up a black soma w/ultegra build kit. looks sweet, i'll post pics when i finish it. i'm waiting on replacement for defective avid shortys right now.