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MTB front hubs?(4 posts)

MTB front hubs?Velocipedio
Aug 24, 2002 12:48 PM
What are the pros and cons of using MTB front hubs? I have an old, trashed MTB wheel with a perfectly good Specialized Stout front hub [1997]. I suspect it's substantially heavier than a Daytona/Centaur hub [I have one of those, too], but if there's an advantage to using it, or no disadvantage... I might just put it to use...
re: MTB front hubs?Wheelz
Aug 26, 2002 3:21 PM
I run XT hubs built on MA-2 rims. The combination seems to work well. They are reasonably light and strong. I choose the XT hubs because I'm a big rider, 190 lbs, and I was not sure Ultegra hubs would hold up to off road abuse. So far they have held up well. I've found the seals seem to be better on Mtn hubs than road hubs.
re: MTB front hubs?Jakob
Aug 26, 2002 3:45 PM
I've used White Industries and WTB front MTB hubs for cross use and they have been great. I have had no trouble with them. I suspect a road hub would have worked just fine, too.

I would be careful with re-lacing the hub you mentioned. If the wheel is that trashed there is a chance the flanges might be a little weak on the hub.

I kinda like having the big, bulky White hub on my cx race bike. It makes me feel more moto or something. I don't know.
re: MTB front hubs?atpjunkie
Aug 26, 2002 6:48 PM
just make sure your spacing is compatible. not sure if road and MTB hubs use same spacing. I think MTB's are 5mm wider and won't fit in a road spaced fork.