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Running downhillB123
Aug 22, 2002 4:55 PM
A runner friend of mine suggested I run downhill to build leg speed for dismounts. I'm thinking that a high speed dismount is similar to running downhill...What do you think? Too hard on the knees? How about running stairs?

Or should I stick to the traditional sprint workouts?

Why not...Wayne
Aug 23, 2002 5:26 AM
just practice dismounts at speed? Work at going faster and faster. It's been my experience that my legs move faster after a dismount then they probably do even if I'm sprinting (I've got no top-end running). Running downhill places a very high eccentric load on the quads which is very damaging to the muscle and therefore takes alot of recovery. I'd just keep it specific to cyclo-cross, practice technique while developing leg speed. Stairs are good, esp. if you race on euro-style courses that incorporate them. But again incorporate them into your workout, if possible, for maximum bang for the buck. Lots of parks have areas with short stairs, or college campus'.
Why not...varmit
Aug 23, 2002 10:39 AM
I agree with you on being able to run faster than normal on dismounts. I prefer to use a computer on my cross bike to know at what speed that I can dismount without killing myself. It's difficult to estimate speed when you are near anerobic for an hour - as brain sort of shuts down.