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Best Shoes for CyclocrossDemon Blues
Aug 22, 2002 10:28 AM
Best Shoes for Cyclocross: What would be your shortlist (top 3 to 4 choices) for Cyclocross?

Aug 22, 2002 10:33 AM
I love my Sidi Dominators for cross. I broke a buckle once and managed to keep it together long enough to warm up and race. I am not too keen on these for all day excursions, mostly because I would hate to break a buckle 30 miles from home, but they're great racing shoes.
Aug 22, 2002 11:22 AM
depends on where ya live and the weather you'll be riding in. Gaerne makes a sweet semi hi top insulated polar shoe that is a sweet cx shoe as does sidi. I like the sidis as well except the soles are a little slick for some portage (running situations). I live in San Diego so winter shoes really aren't needed. Have a pair of 2000 Specialized Team Race shoes (pretty sweet but bright yellow) that I got on sale for 30 bones (originally 160) that are my all rounders. I use Lake mx 201's if there is running on asphalt, rock or concrete and my trusty old AlpineStars if it's a muck fest.
One thing for sure Sidi ToeSpikes!
Sidis & Spikes (But...)triangleforge
Aug 22, 2002 12:02 PM
I'm breaking in a pair of Sidi Adrenaline 2's (like the Dominator, except in a high-top ankle, one velcro strap instead of two, and cheaper materials, $120 or so by special order) for 'cross season this year and so far really love them. The shoe itself is great, and I really appreciate the extra ankle support of the cut-back high-top design.

I would second the note about the soles being a bit slick; I've found them to be a bit scary dismounting at speed on pavement, and terrifying on wet boardwalk. My other mountain/cyclocross shoes are Northwave Compacts with softer rubber on the bottom. Very good shoes, and much more confidence-inspiring when running or dismounting on hard, slick surfaces.

I also picked up a pair of Northwave winter shoes last spring on Ebay that the seller claimed (after I'd bought them, not in his listing) were Tim Johnson's, but that he couldn't ever use because of his sponsorship deal with Shimano. Makes a good story, regardless, and he sent me one of the "Tim Johnson" cards that were printed up for the Zolder Worlds, so I'm not complaining. No cold weather yet to try them out in, though.

As for toe spikes, I've started to use aluminum soccer cleats in various lengths -- short for hard, dry conditions, and long for wet. I used the Sidi toe spikes in a couple of races last year, and thought they were great in dry stuff, but not so good in wet conditions. Here in Virginia with lots of dead leaves on the ground and thick, red clay soils, the spikes seem to pick up alternating layers of leaves and wet clay and don't shed them very well. Midway through one race, it was like I had big wads of damp adobe on the toes of my shoes! Since the soccer cleats are tapered and wider, they don't seem to punch through and hold the leaves as much, and so the clay doesn't stick so bad, either.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm really cheap, too, and most soccer supply stores (look in the yellow pages) sell bags of 16-20 of them in various lengths for $3-$5 or so.

Sidis & Spikes (But...)atpjunkie
Aug 22, 2002 12:07 PM
agree on the soccer thing. Use the sidis for most things but you are right about them punching through in some situations (clay especially) but they are great for running up steep med density dirt grades.

Yes Sidis are quite scary in the slicks.
re: Best Shoes for Cyclocrossadventurefind
Aug 22, 2002 11:55 AM
I have Sidis (which need more use) and I like them. I got the lower-end ones and they do their job ok. My favorites are my old Nike shoes. I don't know which model they are, but they are comfortable, snug, and tough. Those are my preferred shoes for cross, or any kind of riding. The Sidis are best for colder rides since they allow for thicker winter socks.
a note on socksatpjunkie
Aug 22, 2002 12:03 PM
go to any flyfishing catalog (Cabelas is a good one) or flyshop and buy a set of SealSkin Socks. They were designed to wear under your waders, they're gore tex, their thin, wick sweat and have a good degree of water resistance. A great addition to your shoe of choice.
Mysterioso socksadventurefind
Aug 22, 2002 12:26 PM
This company sell s nice cold weather clothing designed for cold watersports.
I have a shirt and a pair of socks. They sure are toasty. And even if you fall in snow, or get wet, they still keep you warm.