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Thinking about changing cranks(3 posts)

Thinking about changing crankstexsun
Aug 22, 2002 1:55 AM
I have a Poprad that came with Tiagra cranks and I am thinking about replacing them with a pair of XT cranks I have sitting around.

What's the consensus about running road vs. mtn cranks for CX? Any obvious advantages one way or the other?

I'm assuming that everyone using mtn cranks are only using 2 chain rings.

What is the prefered chain ring size and cassette for CX? Most of the miles I'm putting on are road (communting to work and riding during lunch), but will race this CX season.
re: Thinking about changing cranksclimbo
Aug 22, 2002 4:36 AM
go for the XT's if you can get the ring sizes you want on it, most run a double ring, quite popular also is the single ring (usually about a 42). For commuting though you might want a much bigger ring than a CX race, you'll never need a 53 in a CX race but you might like on to commute with so it depends on how much you want to race.

The Tiagra's might be the best bet if you need a large range of gears so you can power the roads on your commute as well as race on it.
I'm running XTSteve_O
Aug 22, 2002 6:24 AM
I have an XT crankset with an 11-32T in the rear. I use the bike for commuting in the city and hitting singletrack after work.

The XT cranks are 44-32-22T and I'll admit that the gearing is a little low; however, I rarely use the granny... I am waiting to wear out the big and middle ring and go to a 48-38T combo...

Several other consideration... You will probably need a new BB unless you have a square taper. Also watch the chainline... For XT splined I have a 113mm BB which puts the cranks out a little too far. I would like to switch to a road BB but none are compatable with the XT spline pattern ;-(