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CX frame sizing?(4 posts)

CX frame sizing?Drupa
Aug 21, 2002 6:39 PM
Basic question. Looking at the Surly CC. I've been told that CX frames should be the same as your road bike AND that they should be a size or two smaller - which is true?

I am 5'11" 32" inseam and ride a 55cm roadie with very slim standover clearance when riding 30's (crossmax).

I'm thinking about the 54cm Surly - am I on the right track?
re: CX frame sizing?atpjunkie
Aug 21, 2002 6:53 PM
yes 54 or even a 53. If your standover is slim on a 55 roadie you want to size down maybe 2cm.(IMHO) cx bikes have higher BB's which makes smaller frames seem bigger (standover) in the first place, secondly ya don't wanna wreck the jewels riding or mounting/dismounting. Think more MTB standover, ya don't need a whole fist of clearance but a couple inches is needed. Try to check a few out before ya buy.
re: CX frame sizing?texsun
Aug 22, 2002 1:48 AM
I'm about the same size as you are and I am riding a 52 cm Lemond Poprad (which is very sweet). The 52cm is a size down from the 55cm which is what I would ride in Lemond's traditional road frames.

I've got about 1000 miles on the bike, mostly on road, and love it. Super comfortable, I forgot how nice steel rides, and I would recommend it. The only downside is the Tiagra components, but they are working very well so far (as the stuff wears out I will upgrade).
yes- 54 should fit youJakob
Aug 22, 2002 8:20 AM
i'm 5'9" and have a 54cm surly and it's like a cadillac for me. it's basically become a road/adventure bike after two years of racing cross on it. it's too big to race, but it's fine for anything else. mostly, the dismounts were always a little sketchy. i should have gotten a 52, just like you should get a 54cm. the top tube on the surlys are really long.