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cross parts deals at!?(3 posts)

cross parts deals at!?Jakob
Aug 21, 2002 11:02 AM
this isn't an ad, i swear.

i was just surfing the web and i found this site for alfred e. bike at they have the ritchey cross cranks for $100.49 (no 175mms), the truvativs for $112.99, and they have complete surly cross checks for $678.49, framesets for 286.99, and the paul cross levers for $50.99.

i just placed my order with for the levers and ritchey cranks. this site could have saved me $30 on just those two items.

there is maybe a catch and that's that they admittedly don't stock most of the stuff and so they order it (probably from quality) when you place your order with them. but if you have some time before the race season starts (like right now), these prices are pretty great.

has anyone bought anything from them? positive/negative experiences?
I've been wondering too..Slacker Joe
Aug 21, 2002 11:32 AM
Not just cross stuff, but a lot of stuff (except Shimano stuff, of course). They had a good price on the Alpha Q True Temper cross fork as well, but then it disappeared. I've been tempted by the Surly CX at that price. Only thing that's held me back is that I'd have to pay sales tax, since they're in state.
re: cross parts deals at!?seeker333
Aug 21, 2002 6:00 PM
I have bought from them. Good guys with good deals. Their site works good too. Best prices on marwi lights, thomson stems and seatposts, and as u have noted, surly products are as cheap as you'll find anywhere. now if all u bastar@ds start buying 'em and drive the price up before i get mine i'll be pissed. No catch. S&H reasonable. They, like 95 percent of the LBSs, stock nothing, but their site links directly to QBP, so its a 1-2 week wait tops. if you look around u will find the same type "catalog" at many other bike websites, thats because they all link to QBP. but everyone else charges more. my guess is that Alfred E doesnt know how low they are on some stuff and as soon as they find out i'll have to go back to jenson and PP for deals. i should get some kind of endorsement comp for this. tell 'em seeker sent u when u order, maybe i can get an inner tube for free.

they ran this ad in hot deals a while back -

cbsteven "New customer sale at" 5/4/02 9:30am