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Custom on the cheapAsh
Aug 19, 2002 6:49 AM
Just FYI for those looking at custom cross frames.

I've been looking for a frame and am realizing that my body proportions make it real hard to find a stock frame that would fit. (I have an 80.5 cm inseam but am 5'4.5" tall. My road bike is a 52 c-c (54c-t) seat tube and a 51.5 top tube).

Justifying a grand+ for a frame for a commuter / maybe I might race cross on it is hard to do.

Here are some more on the cheaper side that I found
Prices for a Columbus Zona steel frame, with or without lugs, all will have an investment cast bottom bracket shell, unicrown fork with canti's front and rear for V-brakes, solid Imron paint , $495.00

Gunnar Cross hairs has custom option
$780 frame/fork for stock..not sure what custom upcharge is

$785 full custom

looks like prices are around $700

Heard lots talk about Marinoni. I tried to reach them with an email but have not heard anything back yet.

hope this helps someone
re: Custom on the cheapAsh
Aug 19, 2002 7:39 AM
Just got a reply from Marinoni:

the price for a custom ciclocross frame with a carbon ciclocross fork is $825.00 cdn
and the price of the csum frame with a steel fork is $750.00cdn
Thanks for your interest

Using today's rate, $750 Cdn = $480.75 US
re: Custom on the cheapkilimanjaro
Aug 19, 2002 3:45 PM
Thanks for the tip.

I was saving up for a curtlo because of the low price and wss intrigued by the "banana stays". Ritctchey swiss cross has a bent stay and owners rave about it, but the Marinoni may be too good a deal to pass up.

I actually ordered custom Donohue last year. With the exchange rate then I got a complete bike custom 853 TIG w/ Daytona tripple delivered for under $1300 if I remember correctly. The problem came during delivery. They supposedly shipped the bike but could not provide a tracking number. After 2.5 months wait, I conviced my credit card company to reverse the charges.
I've never ridden a Fango...Velocipedio
Aug 20, 2002 4:48 AM
But I've seen a few. [This is Montreal, Marinonis are everywhere!] The build quality is right on par with Marinoni's best work -- which is outstanding -- and the steel is Columbus Zona. In terms of tube shape and geometry, Marinoni has always had a very traditional approach to bike building. This year, they went to sloping TTs on some of their models, though, so check on that...
Custom on the cheapbuffalosorrow
Aug 20, 2002 5:06 PM
take a look at

I purchased a custom cyclocross frame/ fork for UK 295 =
US 457.25
@ UK 1.00 = US 1.55.

Here were some options:
geo modeled after Indy Fab: 50 X 54 c-c
straight blade forks
top routed cables
horizontal dropouts (to run single speed)
custom orange to black fade

Some perks:
Reynolds 531 main tubes and Reynolds 853 teardrop down tube
Rides great, no complaints.
re: Custom on the cheapAsh
Aug 21, 2002 6:27 AM
Just got a reply from Deeside cycles. Here is what he emailed me yesterday:
Hi Ashwin,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, with regards to an 853 cross frame, I've been waiting to hear back from our framebuilder.

Anyway, I spoke to him yesterday and he has confirmed that he would be able to build an 853 cross frame up for us, tubes would be as follows:))

853 main tubes, 725 seat and chain stays.
Forks would be 531.

Price, excl. VAT, on the above would be £276.60.

Approx. build time would be 6 - 8 weeks, as we do not have any cross framesets available from stock at present.
Re-colour, as the abvoe is a custom build, we can paint the frame any colour, max. of two colours for price quoted.

Approx. cost of carraige on a frameset, sent to the USA will be £42.50.

Current exchange rate is:))

1.00 GBP = 1.53025 USD

Hope this is of help.

Very best regards

That is incredible for an 853 /531 frame.
re: Custom on the cheapkilimanjaro
Aug 21, 2002 8:50 AM
Not to scare anyone, but Deeside cycles has the same owner as Paul Donohue cycles that I mentioned above. How do I know this. When I ordered my bike last July I put down a 50% deposit that was charged to one store and when the manufacturing/assembly was done in November the remainder was charged to the other store. If you go to their respective websites and check addresses, you will notice that the shops are right next to each other.

I am not suggesting that your order will be screwed up like mine, as I have heard positive results from customers in Europe and in the U.S. However, the one caveat is that they are not very responsive. I finally asked my credit card company to to reverse charges after no bike and the shops inability to provide information on the bike's whereabouts. I declined their offer to build me a new bike and asked my creidt card company to reverse charges.
Positive remarks regarding orders....buffalosorrow
Aug 21, 2002 4:50 PM
To this date my freind and I have have order and received with out problem from Deeside cycles/ graham weigh:

-One custom graham weigh reynolds 531 cyclocross single speed.
-One custom graham weigh reynolds 853 hexfiles road w/ daytona and record open pro wheelset.
-One custom 26" cyclocross fork.
-One Cinelli Starship w/ full carbon record, including carbon cranks, ram bars and mavic kys tubular wheelset.

I am in contact with Andrew of deeside cycles often, I would say that he is a good friend.

I have had no problems besides some minimal time delays, everything arrives well packed, complete and to my satisfaction.

I will order again.