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Marinoni for the curious...(2 posts)

Marinoni for the curious...Farmpunker
Aug 17, 2002 2:21 AM
I got a partial price list for a Marinoni Fango for y'all. This from a dealer in London, Ontario (Champion Bike Sales and Service; Fango with Veloce = 1950. With Centaur = 2450. Those are Canadian dollars. Which makes the Fango with Veloce a screaming deal for our American friends.
It's also...Velocipedio
Aug 17, 2002 4:01 AM
A pretty good deal for us Canadians. I was on a tight-ish budget when I bought my Kona. If I hd had a little more $ and if I had planned a bit more in advance, I would have gone for the Marinoni.

The conversions are:
C$1950 = US$1250
C$2450 = US$1570

The one thing I don't like about Marinoni is the wait...