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Custom vs Stock sized frame with regards to top tube length(4 posts)

Custom vs Stock sized frame with regards to top tube lengthAsh
Aug 14, 2002 11:34 AM
Hi all,
I have a custom road frame due to most of my height being in my legs. (5'4.5" tall, but with a 31.7" (80.5cm) inseam)

So my top tube is shorter than a stock frame.

With a cross frame, do you think I can accomadate my short torso by specing a shorter stem, on a stock frame, or should I spend the dough for a customized shorter top tube. I was looking at the Poprads, but understand that Lemonds tend to have longer top tubes than most frames.

The bike will mostly be a commuter, fire roader, but I wanted to possibly try a cross race at some point in time.


re: Custom vs Stock sized frame with regards to top tube lengthatpjunkie
Aug 14, 2002 12:45 PM
Poprads and Lemonds in general are longish in the TT. Most cx bikes come with a pretty short stem so you may have some trouble finding a fit. The good news is you won't be challenged by standover issues. Find a frame that fits your reach and then you may just need a long seatpost. Cannondales run short typically as do a lot of the European models so try to shop around and you may find something. Custom is always better but can be cost prohibitive. Good Luck
two theories of thoughtbuffalosorrow
Aug 15, 2002 12:42 AM
number one: the same size road and cross bike allow you to train in alignment to each other, as per you will not have to adjust you riding style between seasons/ races/ bikes.

number two: typically/ sometimes cross riders use a shorter reach, for better control. Honestly this is to each individual rider, I like to have similar strech perhaps .5cm shorter on my cross bike, but it really varies... on how tall I feel.....
re: Custom vs Stock sized frame with regards to top tube lengthsnuz
Aug 16, 2002 6:40 AM
I don't know much about cx bikes, but trying to make up too much space with layback seatposts and stems can affect your ride if you over do it. Too far back on the seat can throw your knnes off, and too short of a stem can sometimes make a pretty twitchy ride. However, I am doing this now too, and I'm about to make my stem longer. I'm about 5 inches taller than you and have the same inseam.

As far as I know. The cheapest custom framebuilder out there is
Curtlo ( He has a good rep. Other posters here can probably make other reccomendations.