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Gunnar Crosshairs or Lemond Poprad?(5 posts)

Gunnar Crosshairs or Lemond Poprad?xcandrew
Aug 13, 2002 2:31 PM
These two frames are high on my list though I haven't seen either one in person. The '03 Poprad looked nice in the catalog picture at my LBS, and they can order the frameset for maybe $549 (at least that was last year's price). There are no Gunnar dealers here in Anchorage, so I would have to order frame/fork for $780 + shipping.

How do these frames compare? I like that they have low bottom brackets, 74 mm drop on the Lemond and 70 mm(?) for the Gunnar and that's partly why I'm looking at these instead of the Steelmans and Ritcheys that I have been admiring for a while (other reason: a whole lot cheaper). Is the Gunnar $200 nicer than the Lemond? Tubes: both 853 main tubes. Gunnar has nicer True Temper OX Platium stays. The top tube is sloping on the Gunnar, but not excessively so that's even for me. The Gunnars in the pictures I have seen don't have a brake bridge stop for canti's, but the website says it has a "canti brake arch"... is this new? I don't think that the build quality can be too different because they are both not junk, but the reviews here mention poor paint quality on the Gunnars(how does the Gunnar blue look?). I would guess that they are similar in weight. But I'm curious if anyone has information... has anyone measured the weight of a 54 Crosshairs frame/fork or a 55 Lemond (I know the new fork will be different). Any other comments? What about the Waterford X-11? Would that be a lot heavier? (There is or was one in the classifieds here).

I'm also looking at used. I just missed out on a beautiful Ritchey complete bike on eBay... the seller was nervous and sold it to someone before getting a bid... That would have been a great deal.
my poprad is a nice rideMarcocyclo
Aug 13, 2002 2:48 PM
but I have not been on the Gunnar to compare. According to Lemond tech support my 55cm poprad frame(w/o fork) weighs 3.1 lbs(i got laughed at here once about this)
Anyway goes about 23lbs fully dressed with SR-3s, Salsa's seat,bar,stem, post, Xt & race face drive train stuff, and 105 STI brake/shifters.
my poprad is a nice ridexcandrew
Aug 13, 2002 9:09 PM
Yup, I would guess that both are probably around 3-high to 4 lbs.
re: Gunnar Crosshairs or Lemond Poprad?MasterBlaster
Aug 14, 2002 7:42 AM
I have an '02 Poprad and it is a nice frame. I have it set up with Ultegra and when fully loaded (tool bag, water bottles) weighs in at 24 pounds (59 cm). The TT length is longer which it nice for those who have longer a torso. I would suggest you test ride both bikes to see which one you prefer.
re: Gunnar Crosshairs or Lemond Poprad?flyweight
Aug 22, 2002 10:17 AM
I work part-time for a Gunnar dealer. The blue is very nice. I gave my girlfriend a blue Crosshairs for X-mas last year and she loves the color. The paint on Gunnar's is on the fragile side and some shades are worse than others in terms of durability (the Snow Yellow is often rather thinly applied). Also seems to depend on what time of year the frame was painted. The decals are also hideous (IMO) but since they're not clear coated they come off in a snap (and will eventually get scraped off simply from riding!) Gunnar also runs a color of the month and currently it's a really cool looking dark metallic green. Hard to describe, not forest green, not olive green. Looks like a 70's era Raleigh. Their custom colors (including colors of the month) seem to hold up better than the stock colors. Still can't figure out how it is that Waterford can design nice decals and do great paintjobs for their Waterford line but such lousy paint and decal work for the Gunnar line!

I've yet to see a Gunnar with a canti stop braze-on. We simply use a seat bolt hanger (lighter and easier to replace)

Be sure to get a Crosshairs with 1 1/8" head tube. This is now standard but earlier models had 1" threadless and the forks on those models are very flexible which is a blessing on rough terrain and a curse in that you can't run too powerful of a front brake or the thing will shudder horribly.

Both are nice bikes. I've got two Gunnars - a regular Crosshairs and an older single speed Crosshairs - and love the way they handle. My next mountain bike will probably be a Rockhound built up with a steel fork and drop bars.

Another lower priced option are the SOMA frames. These are made with Reynolds 631 main triangles and double butted stays. They come from the same factory as Surly and are similar in concept (designed by locals but paid for/distributed by a national wholesaler) When we got the first SOMA frames in I was surprised to find they weighed only a little more than a Gunnar. We didn't bother weighing them but I'd say the difference was maybe 1/4 pound for a 56cm. The SOMA's also have more rack braze-ons (front and rear) and are better suited for touring than the Gunnars (the stays on the Gunnar are a bit too light for loaded panniers) The SOMA frames also have a little more tire clearance in back than the Gunnar. They retail for around $450 frame/fork. See: