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Anyone on a Wazoo?(8 posts)

Anyone on a Wazoo?Farmpunker
Aug 6, 2002 12:49 PM
Voodoo Wazoo 55cm frame. I'm five eight. Going to fit? The Voodoo site is now offline for good and with it went the standover info.
More. Is this a good frame? Total cross newbie here. But I will be getting a cross bike in the next month and will need numerous questions answered, especially if I buy a frame and build it up. I'll try not to repeat the same old questions over and over.
Finally, any Southern Ontario crossers out there?
re: Anyone on a Wazoo?SLB
Aug 7, 2002 9:23 AM
yep, i've got a 2000 55cm, the orange one. i'm 5'11 and ride a 57cm road bike with 56.5 top tube. i've got a 11cm stem on the wazoo and it's just about right for a cross bike. i can measure it when i get home later tonight and post here.

If you can get your hands on one, it's a fantastic bike for the $$. very stable, not twitchy at all, relatively light, good mud clearance in the back.
Me Tootriangleforge
Aug 7, 2002 10:00 AM
Sounds like the same bike as SLB's, and I'm about the same size. It should be fine for you, though it might be a tad big; if anything, though, mine's too small for me. I've got a 130cm stem on mine; I might try a 120 to shift a little weight off the front end, but that might make things mighty cramped for me.

I like mine very much as well -- I'd say go for it!

Wazoos are great!The Walrus
Aug 7, 2002 8:09 PM
My copy of the 2000 VooDoo catalog doesn't list a 55cm frame; there's a 56 c-t, with 51 c-c seat tube/53 c-c top tube/77.6 standover, and a 58 c-t, with 53 c-c seat tube/54.5 c-c top tube/79.5 standover.

It is a great frame--certainly not the lightest (ballpark is 4 lbs), but one of the sweetest. If it fits you, you won't regret getting it. My '99 is definitely my "desert island" bike....
There is this...Farmpunker
Aug 8, 2002 10:50 AM
Thanks for the help so far. Some conflicting info, though. Walrus says Voodoo didn't make a 55 in 2000, and SLB said he owns a 55. I'm not really questioning the frame itself, it's ride, it's quality. My problem is that I'd be buying this frame on ebay (cringe). I really don't want to spend the money (CDN to US, double cringe) and have it shipped here only to find it's too big. I'd be pissed - at myself for making a dumb move. I'm estimating my standover at around 80cms. Not enough for 77.6cm standover, right? That's only one inch. Aren't cross bikes supposed to be sized small?
There is this...The Walrus
Aug 8, 2002 12:31 PM
Sounds like the fit would be marginal. According to the catalog, VooDoo seems to have measured standover using 30c tires, so you'd have even less room if you went to a larger tire size. You might want to wait and see if someone puts a '99 or earlier Wazoo up for sale; they had a sloping top tube that made for great standover clearance.
here you go!SLB
Aug 8, 2002 11:32 AM

voodoo's site archived.

and for a correction, i thought mine was a 55. but now i see that mine is the 61cm c-t, 56cm c-c.
It is a sin...Farmpunker
Aug 9, 2002 9:09 AM
Excellent information everyone. Greatly appreciated. It's not looking good for me and this frame, however. I checked the archived Voodoo site (cudos SLB) and checked out their size recomendations for their cross bikes. The sizes just don't match well. I'm a little short all over.
Still, tempted. This frame is in good shape, comes with the fork, headset, stem (for approx 260US). Then again, it's no use having a bike that doesn't fit. As I discovered when I impluse bought a Rocky Mountain Hammer last summer. Felt okay in the shop but back on the trails I just couldn't get motoring in the too small frame. Bike lust overtaking me. And it was such a nice riding bike... Alas. I'll work through my measurements again, carefully this time, and cross reference them with the Voodoo recommendations. Just in case. There is only a single centimeter standover difference between the 56 and next size down. Two centimeter reach difference. I don't know. When in doubt, don't bid on ebay. Right?