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Bargin tires for CX... Kenda anyone?(20 posts)

Bargin tires for CX... Kenda anyone?Steve_O
Aug 6, 2002 6:54 AM
Just got a new Nashbar catalog and ordered some Kenda Cross tires for training and general CX riding. Anyone give these a try before?

Kenda Cross - $9.99

Kenda Kwick - $9.99 (Didn't order but it looked nice for hardpack

I use the Kwicks for everything, exclusively (nm)lonefrontranger
Aug 6, 2002 9:03 AM
Aug 6, 2002 9:20 AM
That's pretty interesting! The side knobs looked pretty extreme in the picts (that's why I ordered the "Cross" models). Do they tend to feel squishy in the corners (knobs flexing?). How about rolling resistance and longevity?

Sounds like your sold on these tires so I would appreciate any feedback you would have!

Steve-O (Hmmm... May be getting a second set of tires!?)
Aug 6, 2002 10:01 AM
Kwiks are good. Alot like the Specialize Cross baldy's. Haven't tried em in much mud. Let me know how they perform
those side knobs are pretty stablelonefrontranger
Aug 7, 2002 9:19 AM
The whole tire is quite low profile, so IME you don't get squirm out of the side knobs unless you overinflate (more on that lower down). I cannot run the Kross extreme mud tire on the Dream because it doesn't have super huge clearance for a wide tall treaded tire (the Euros don't use them), and I like it that way. I rode the Redline Kross and other extreme sorts of tires on my old Redline and found them just too heavy and sluggish for my wimpy girl legs to push around.

I race and have also done some pretty hairy singletracking on the 'cross bike with the Kwicks. I like them because they handle crisply and ride smooth on hardpack and pavement, climb well in mud due to the crossbar orientation (make sure to run the chevrons pointing forward on front, rearward on rear to maximize hookup) and are the only tire I've ever ridden that has a ghost of a chance of hooking up on wet grass.

As far as psi goes, if you're running 80 psi, you're losing some serious traction. The UCI pros will run it as low as 30 in ice or truly horrible conditions, which is why they almost exclusively ride tubulars.

Conversely, if you ride that much pavement, use road tires or commuter tires instead. I slap my road wheels with 23mm slicks onto the Dream if I'm commuting - no sense in chewing off the tread on the street, is there?

I get the best results and traction running the Kwicks at about 60-65 psi max.
thanks for the informed reply!Steve_O
Aug 7, 2002 11:21 AM
I have the Cross's on order to replace some worn Michelin Muds... I'll probably get a set of Kwicks and ride both tires for a while to see what I like. I'm going to try racing this year and I want to get as much off road time as possible with different tires... Your feedback is appreciated!
re:Hey Steve_Osnuz
Aug 6, 2002 11:41 AM
After looking through the archives, I see you own a Kelly knobby cross. Would you mind revealing some personal information such as, your bike size, your height, and inseam.
I don't have a local Kelly dealer to try one out. I know Kelly will size you for a refundable fee, but I'm just trying to get an idea about their sizing. Thanks.
re:Hey Steve_OSteve_O
Aug 6, 2002 11:53 AM
Sure... I have a 55cm Knobby X that I got through the shop I work part time at. As for height I go 5'11" and with a 34" inseam... I am coming off of a 57cm Trek road bike and a Large (19"?) Santa Cruz Superlight.

I use the bike primarily for daily commuting but mix in as much offroad as I can (currently 5 miles out of a 20 mile round trip commute).

This was my first cross bike so I was a little unsure about sizing. When I got the bike I went with a 110mm zero rise stem. I then used spacers to get the fit to where it felt comfortable. It looks a little non-traditional (most cross bikes use a little rise in the stem) but it gets the job done all the same.

As for my experience with Kelly they have been really cool and easy to work with. I just got the frame and built the bike up with parts I had... My only complaint is that I should have ordered an extra set of decals as a couple of mine have gotten water/mud under them...
re: I just bought a Kelly. Here it is.snuz
Aug 6, 2002 12:07 PM
I'd appreciate your opinion since this is my first cc or road bike. It seems like an awfully good deal so I'm surprised there weren't more bids on it. Maybe I'm missing something. The owner of the bikes had an employee list it for him. He was supposed to list it at 40 percent off, but instead he listed it at 40 percent period. The owner honored my auction but cancelled some others that didn't end.

I posted the question above about the wheels. More delicate than I would want, but fairly expensive. I might sell them and get some others. Thanks.
Aug 6, 2002 12:14 PM
Looks like a good deal to me! I saw your concern about the wheels... I would be a little worried about truing them... CX bikes take a lot of abuse offroad and I'm not sure how those wheels would straighten out.

It seems in my research that Open Pros and Velocities are pretty popular as cross rims. Get them 32 spoke and lace them 3 cross and you should be pretty bomb proof...

Other then that it looks like a great ride!
Aug 6, 2002 1:05 PM
as long as you are not too heavy, those wheels will do fine. Since it's a 53 I'm going to assume you are sub 170 lbs, if so will do fine. well done, fine bike. You can find great deals on Open Pro/ Ultegra
wheelsets on the web. You should have second set anyway, one for road/commuting one for dirt. Then if you start racing you also have a backup wheel set. Congrats on the sweet ride
Thanks for the advice atp and Steve (nm)snuz
Aug 7, 2002 10:59 AM
kelly cross nice deal. Congrats.buffalosorrow
Aug 7, 2002 11:22 AM
I was tracking this on ebay as well.

I had called the shop with some questions, I was not sold on the wheelset and drivetrain being a campy person.

Similar situation on my colnago cross, I called the seller and grabed frame/fork at the buy it now price and he included a campy drivetrain, raceface prodigy cranks, salsa bell lap bars, ITM stem, campy rear wheel and matching rabobank team saddle. All I had to get was a front wheel and seatpost. I am a happy camper. The only downside is that the fork is their older lugged and treaded version, I am contemplating the upgrade since the frame fits so well (Colnago precisa cross fork $250, King threadless HS $100 plus ahead stem $50- $100) for that I can almost buy the Empella frame and fork or if a do well this season racing I spend the cash on a wound up fork. All this though and talk, not enough riding.
kelly cross nice deal. Congrats.snuz
Aug 7, 2002 12:32 PM
My only concern is the wheels. If I want, I can probably sell them for $300 and get a King set for 150-200 more. Im ok with Shimano since that is all I know. This way I have a great bike for a pretty mid-level price. I was going to put this much into a Gunnar crosshairs, which is a really nice bike too. I reccomend it highly.

Thanks for your info.
Just picked up Kenda Cross Supreme at LBS for $10 - love it!GlowBoy
Aug 6, 2002 1:05 PM
Of course I'm a cross-country rider, not a racer so your mileage may vary.

The one I bought is the one that was developed for Redline and comes on their bikes. It is NOT the same as the Kross in your picture - it's just as knobby but the tread pattern is different. It is marked both "700x35" and "37-622", so it's somewhere between 35 and 37mm wide, and it's about the widest I can fit between my Volpe's chainstays without rubbing in hard corners. There's a pic on Kenda's site:

Mine is all-black with wire bead (about 530g, by the way) so maybe I've got last year's model or something. Anyway, I took it out for a 12-mile singletrack loop this weekend (Cultus Lake, Central OR) and was quite impressed. Admittedly I'm comparing it with 700x32 tires (Conti Twister, WTB All Terrainasaurus), but I was very pleased with its traction - especially in loose conditions - and compliance.

It's very knobby, so you're probably going to race on it only under the very muddiest conditions. It should excel in mud, because it ha s a lot of wide, paddle-shaped lugs. The rubber is very soft, though, so my guess is it would feel quite squishy at high speeds on hard surfaces.

- Dan
Just got mine..Mitch2
Aug 6, 2002 7:31 PM
Got the same tire from Nashbar and I say it is an awesome deal. The tread design looks almost like the IRC Cross Country w/c I used way back. Cornering on this tires could be a little bit sketchy because of the smaller side knobs.(Then again I weigh 200lbs.) The only reason I bought this set because I just can't say NO to the price. I will start wearing this shoes as soon as I wear out my old IRC Vcross 38c.
re: Bargin tires for CX... Kenda anyone?Velocipedio
Aug 7, 2002 5:00 AM
I put a set of Kwiks on my GF's rig. She really likes them, and they really ARE evry similar to the Specialized Cross Baldy. The downside is that they are wire and that they inflate only to 80 psi [the Baldies max at 100 psi]. I also got some Krosses. The tread is agressive, but not overly-agressive. They look like nice tires for wet, though not sucky-mucky conditions. A Kross on the back and a Kwick on the front would be a good training combination.
Kenda Quick Question.Allroads
Aug 8, 2002 7:07 AM
Can someone tell me how wide these actually measure when inflated?


Kenda Quick Question.The Walrus
Aug 8, 2002 12:18 PM
My 30C measured 28.5mm and the 35C measured 33.5mm; FWIW, both of those were inflated to about 65psi, not the maximum 85psi.
Thanks. (nm)Allroads
Aug 8, 2002 1:58 PM