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Spooky Set-uptriangleforge
Jul 30, 2002 7:57 AM
I've tried quite a number of different set-ups with my Spooky brakes over the past six months, and still think there's got to be a lot more braking power lurking in there somewhere. I'm currently running mine with Ritchey Red pads, with a Shimano 8-Speed STI lever grabbing the front, and an old Dia-Compe aero lever for the back brake.

Anyone have tuning tips they'd care to pass along, or good photos of how they've got their Spookys (or Empella Frog-Legs, Paul Neo-retros, or other wide-profile cantis) rigged? I'm particularly interested in straddle cable heights, pad brands & orientation, lever choices, and anything else that works for you.