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WTB drop bar comments?(8 posts)

WTB drop bar comments?Allroads
Jul 30, 2002 6:58 AM
Any feedback on these?

re: WTB drop bar comments?Steve_O
Jul 30, 2002 8:31 AM
Try Shiggy on the singlespeed board over at He's been riding these bars forever on different styles of bikes.
WTB drop bar comments.Allroads
Jul 30, 2002 8:43 AM
Thanks...I'll do that.
re: WTB drop bar comments?flyweight
Jul 31, 2002 12:14 PM
Tried them on various cross and moutain bikes over the years and never could get used to them. I found that the flair is just too extreme and makes riding on the brake hoods too uncomfortable because your wrists are angled in too much.

The Nitto DirtDrop (available from Rivendell) is a nicer bar. It flairs below the brake lever. The Salsa Bell Lap falls somewhere between the two. I've ridden all three and now use a Salsa Short 'N Shallow off-road. No flair but a really wide top section and a nice shallow drop.
WTB drop bar comments.Allroads
Jul 31, 2002 1:10 PM
Thanks for the comments. After much thought and q/a I think that the WTB might be limiting with its extreme flare and I don't get the impression that the hoods are all that comfortable. Do you miss not having any flare?

I wonder how many people are riding regular unflared bars off-road?

WTB drop bar comments.The Walrus
Jul 31, 2002 2:01 PM
I briefly had an older Nitto flared bar; didn't care for it because of the angle of the hoods. Everything before and after has been unflared, usually a 3TTT Forma or a Cinelli Eubios.
WTB drop bar comments.flyweight
Aug 1, 2002 2:32 PM
The flair is supposed to do two things:
1) Give a little more control by virtue of placing your hands farther out.
2) Provide clearance to keep your wrists from banging the tops of the bars when sprinting.

I find #1 to be so minor as not to be noticed. In even my wildest flailing sprints I don't bang my wrists on the bars so # is a non-issue for me.

I found the WTB bars to be especially bad. Basically you wind up with the body of the brake lever leaning at about a 45 degree angle.
WTB drop bar comments.wspokes
Aug 6, 2002 10:08 AM
The one area that I feared when using these bars was the angle of wrist on the hoods. I have broken my wrists numerous times and worried the angle bar be too much. I have used the Nitto bars advertised on Riv but found them to be too narrow for my taste. I may examine the Salsa short drop or continue using the Tioga drops I currently have that have worked well for me. These answers have assisted my decision...thanks!